New Social Media Business And Affiliate Gifts

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Hey Everyone!

Before you get started with your weekend I wanted to tell you 2 quick things…

#1. The new “Social Media” Niche internet business is ready to go in the WebCopyCat members area!

#2. We’ve got a list of affiliates who we’ll be mailing gifts to.

Watch the video to see if your name is on the list!

Ok – here’s a screen shot of what your new Social Media Website will look like!


CLICK HERE if you’re already a member of WebCopyCat and you want to access the members area to set this business up.
CLICK HERE if you’re not already a member of WebCopyCat and you’d like to give the system a try!

Have a GREAT Weekend 🙂


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About Devon Brown

From over $40,000 in debt (and bankrupt at age 23, to now doing over $1-Milion in sales per year, Devon Brown (creator of enjoys teaching internet home business entrepreneurs the short-cuts he wishes he knew about when he first started. For free video advice that makes learning internet marketing FUN & SIMPLE, be sure to follow Devon on Facebook

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  1. Thank you for connecting with me!
    I hope all is well with you.

  2. 2:19 pm on October 1, 2010

    My update addres is 896 Coleman Street SW Atlanta GA 30310. Thank you so much for my name being on the list. Have a great week end.

  3. 11:21 pm on October 24, 2010

    Hey Devon, Thank you so much for the gift and the shout out !!
    I also want to ad that like Sears, I have been in IM for a very long
    time as well. I have struggled with Net-Mktg and Aff-Mktg following
    instructions from many coaches and mentors to the “T”, but never
    ever having any real success.
    Since I became a student/member of your Web-Copy-Cat program
    Not only have I been learning so many things that are neccesary for
    successful marketing and promoting my business, but made some money
    Yes some of the things you point out in your videos tick me off and they
    hit home, but the truth hurts.
    So I realized I had to swallow my pride and get real humble, be more coachable
    and forget what I thought I knew and implement what you say to do.

    I’m truly greatful to be a student/member of WCC !

    P.S. I still have a ways to go! (LOL)

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