Niche Vs. Product – A VERY Important Concept EVERY Home Business Entrepreneur Must Understand

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So Anyways….

A couple of weeks ago I was speaking to a woman on my list who was making a VERY COMMON mistaken with regard to not understanding the difference between “niche” and “product”.

I see this happen all the time with Internet Entrepreneurs, and ESPECIALLY with Network Marketers.

As a matter of fact, I made this mistake for YEARS before someone actually slapped me upside the head and made me realize how my actions were actually keeping me from making A LOT more money!


Another quick story to prove this concept (which I accidentally left out of the video), is this….

Note: In this story -the network marketing company is the “product”

Back around 2008 I joined a network marketing company and was able to bring in 20 people in my 1st 3 days (because I had a list)… 3 weeks later my downline was at 90 people & I was well on my way to making a BILLION dollars!!

HAHAHA. Ok, well maybe not a BILLION but you get the point…

Anyways… 3 short months later, the company folded… And while I was of course a little upset, It was actually no real skin off my back…


Because my focus had ALWAYS been on growing my list FIRST and NOT the company/product/opportunity/widget.

After the person was on MY LIST, I would then introduce them to whatever company/product/opportunity/widget I was promoting

This concept is the same thing I teach all of the members of my EXCLUSIVE CLUB

And this is why those members have a better shot at long term success than do most people trying to make money online!

Anyways – I hope today’s lesson helped 🙂

And As Always…

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To YOUR Success,
Devon Brown 🙂

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  1. 6:36 am on March 2, 2013

    I fully understand the concept. I think this way is a lot better.

  2. Hi Devon,

    Another excellent video, focusing on a product means you have an uphill struggle to persuade people to invest in it, but if you instead focus on the people and what They want, then scout out a product that fits those wants as much as possible which you can offer them for a cut of the profits, then the “persuasion” aspect becomes a whole lot easier because you’ll be more than half way there.

    Internet marketing isn’t about selling products as much as it’s about being a facilitator for people finding various products that they would be interested in purchasing, kind of like being a “Personal Shopper” for your clients, you first find out what they want and would be interested in buying, and then you scourer the marketplace for such items to present to them.


  3. Another great vidoe with good information. It is important to understand the difference between a Product and a Niche. A Grocery Store Chain could be a Niche and the stuff on the shelf could be the products.

    Just the way my mind works.

    God Bless and Good Fortune
    Lindell Simmons

  4. 1:05 pm on March 2, 2013

    Devon Thank you for explaining the critical difference between niche VS. Product. It makes sense to focus on building your list first, then offering content, products and services that will add value to your subscribers.

  5. 3:10 pm on March 2, 2013

    Hi Devon. Surprised the lady didn’t get this if she followed step by step. I just started & building my weightloss niche list 11 with 1 unscribed and getting clicks. I just started to build the mlm niche as I have an affialate for web copy cat. and want to focus on that. Can’t wait to send out my first broadcast for it! No one really has every explained at properly like you! There was always a missing piece . Actuallay got a dot com and took the 5 yr special plan. Aweber\ said search engines take that more seriously in ranking. Anyway that is what list building is. information, so you can broadcast out. It never connected to me before. So lady should have gotten it. I’m a newbe. Not even technical with so that’s why you done it for me.

  6. 4:49 pm on March 2, 2013

    great stuff Devon…

    hey…it would be nice to see you both do a video together …i mean the lady with the camera.

  7. 7:15 pm on March 2, 2013

    Your explanation of the difference between a Product and a Niche in your Video is well understood.It is educative and informative. I have learnt a great lesson about Internet Marketing/Business today.Though I am a Newbie but will treasure the knowledge permanently.

    Thanks, well done.


  8. 7:55 pm on March 2, 2013

    Hello Devon,

    I need to find a niche that I have a passion or at least an interest in, Develop or list all of

    its products or services for that niche. Build a list and continue to add to it. Regularly

    send written content on the subject of the niche or opportunity for the list to purchase

    a product . Continue to do this even after you leave your corporate job.

    As usual, great explanation of how a product fits into a niche.

    Thank you


  9. Right on Devon! I’m the niche, me helping others, and I’ll show you the products you need to get success. Thanks for always providing awesome info.

  10. 3:55 pm on March 4, 2013



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