Non-Sales Tweeting Tips

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In some of our other articles about using Twitter for business, we’ve talked about how you should avoid tweeting nothing but sales pitches and promotional messages of your brand. However, we haven’t gone over what sorts of other things you could be tweeting. We’ll go over some of the easier ones below.

  1. Don’t talk about what you’re doing – talk about what has captivated your mind. In all honesty, nobody cares that you broke your last pencil first thing this morning, regardless of what you thought of it. However, if you’re an influential person, they’re probably curious about what you are actually interested in at the moment. Great book? Interesting new ideology? Commit it to 140 characters and your followers will love you.
  2. Don’t constantly broadcast information. Instead, ask your followers what they think about things. You don’t even have to ask exclusively about your website or brand – it can be something as simple as last night’s game. This will stimulate conversation and make people enjoy participating with your brand because it’s human.
  3. Share the personal side of your company. People love doing business with other humans, but they don’t really like doing so with machines. One of the best ways to show the human side of your company is to share stories about your employees, or even your own family. Did Phil’s wife just give birth to his first child? Did you just promote someone for doing a fantastic job? Both of these are great stories to share, and people love reading them.
  4. Don’t talk only about yourself. While you should probably avoid promoting and slandering your competition, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be talking about other people doing interesting things. This can be on a similar topic, or just something that has your attention – anything to stimulate conversation.
  5. Avoid politics and religion. While the recent political environment may have you up in arms, your followers don’t need to know about it – and probably shouldn’t. We are all fairly set in our ways, and nothing can alienate a potential client or follower than finding out that you are diametrically opposed to them politically or spiritually.

With careful maintenance of your Twitter appearance, you can help boost the web hits and sales of your business tremendously – but you’ve got to have people interested in following you first.

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