Online Marketing vs. Offline Marketing To Achieve Home Business Success

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Online marketing is marketing done over the Internet. Offline marketing is the term which describes the traditional methods of marketing such as on television, billboards, radio and in newspapers and magazines. If you run a small business you need to decide which medium you are going to use or, if you decide to use both, where you are going to put most emphasis. The answer to this can be more involved than you may think but let us deal with the simple view first.

If you run a business which serves a market which does not use computers then you obviously need to be advertising your products or services in the printed, visual or spoken media. If you live in a small community for instance, a well placed ad in the local paper may get you far better exposure than some fancy advert on the Internet. A poster on the church notice board and another at the library may be all that you need to tell your customers exactly what you want them to know. If you are selling products such as computer games on the other hand, most of your customers will own computers and have Internet access. The way to reach such customers is via the Internet (where they concentrate most of their time and attention.) The size and reach of the Internet makes it possible to reach millions of people in seconds whereas your church and library posters may only reach 20 or 30 of your customers. Your type of business then, will dictate which method of marketing you use.

The above facts are true and pretty obvious but for advertising to be truly effective it is often necessary to use both methods of advertising. Research has shown that people who see something enticing in an offline advert are likely to look the product up on the Internet to obtain more information. The quality of these searchers is often much better (from a sales perspective) than that of an Internet user who may come across your online advert and click on it out of curiosity. The first searcher has seen something which has sparked their interest. They have thought about the product or service and are interested enough to go onto the Internet and look for more information. This is the searcher a business wants. He is further down the “buy decision” road then the casual surfer.

For these reasons it is extremely important for anyone running a small business to understand the subtleties of online and offline marketing. Use your offline advertisements to inform your offline clients but also be aware that you can drive other prospective customers to your online pages with good offline content. If you plan all your marketing from this perspective you will create some powerful marketing using subtle methods. Can a billboard increase online sales? You bet.

These factors all need to be taken into consideration when planning your marketing initiatives. Know your products and the market for your products intimately and spend time thinking about how to use online and offline marketing. You will do this to ensure that you reach different market segments but also to enable the two modalities to complement each other and strengthen your business. Anyone who plans to achieve home business success needs to spend time considering these things. If you are providing a quality service or product then this marketing approach will stand you in good stead. Achieve home business success with an intelligent marketing campaign.

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