Outsourcing Basics: Continue Doing the Tasks You LOVE!

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Do you remember why you started your business and went into Internet Marketing?  There was probably what seemed like a great reason at the time.  Did you love the job style?  The level of interest it generated in you?  The particular things about the job that made you attracted to it initially is different for all of us, but undoubtedly you have a few yourself.

Never Stop Doing Things You Love

Maybe you really love corresponding to other people in your profession.  Maybe you genuinely love handling the finances from your business.  Maybe you even really enjoy locking up the office alone every night, even though Jim could do it for free.  What is likely is that there are some aspects of your business that don’t directly generate an income, but you still greatly enjoy doing them.  So don’t stop!

One of the great things about running your own business is that you are allowed to make decisions just like this.  That doesn’t mean you should only be doing tasks that you love doing – you still need to turn a profit.  However, if your business is already doing very well and you’ve dedicated six hours of your day to money-making tasks, then why not spend the last two doing something you love?

There are many advantages to sticking to tasks that you enjoy doing, and doing what you love ends up being one of the stranger secrets to outsourcing.  This is because by keeping yourself happy, you’ll be more likely to make great business decisions, treat your other employees well, and enjoy every part of your job more.  And to repeat, because it’s such a critical point: what’s the point of running your own business if you aren’t enjoying it?

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