Profiting on LinkedIn

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Let’s look at how we can use to put money in your pocket.

  1. Create Your Profile: You will want to put your business credentials or background in your LinkedIn profile. This group focuses on being a professionals’ social network so you do want to add a bit more business-type information. You can connect your Facebook and Twitter account.  You can also add multiple links under your websites, put your blog here or your best selling affiliate links.
  2. Go Connect: You will want to invite everyone to connect to your account but first start connecting with people that you professionally know. One easy way to do this is to connect your business email address to your LinkedIn account when you first register, then LinkedIn will send them a message to connect ‘auto-magically’.
  3. Join Groups: There are tons of targeted networks on LinkedIn. You will want to join the networks related to what you are selling.
  4. Post Content: Join in on the conversation by providing valuable tips and insights. Your post should consist of 80% content but 20% should be marketing related. Don’t be shy about posting your affiliate links. People on LinkedIn are looking for business opportunities including new ways to make money online.

Be sure to work on your communication skills and present yourself as a professional as well so others can take your website and offers seriously.

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