Providing a Privacy Guarantee in Your Internet Home Business

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When many people receive unsolicited marketing snail mail, they become irritated – not only did they not ask for the mail, but they also didn’t give away their address.  This can be even more galling if their names are printed on the marketing mail!  These feelings of revulsion and disgust are things that should be avoided at all times if you want your emails sent as a part of building your email list to go over well.  Below, we’ll go over a key method of ensuring this doesn’t happen: a privacy guarantee, and why it can mean only good things for your Internet Home Business.

What a Privacy Guarantee Means

A privacy guarantee is fairly self-explanatory: it guarantees privacy.  This means that you won’t give away your subscribers name, email address, or any other personal information.

If you wish to follow this tact, you need to be aware that while you may be asked by solicitors for your email list in exchange for money, you must never give that list away.  A privacy guarantee is one of the best ways to assure your subscribers that their personal information is safe, and those websites that lack a guarantee like this will have far fewer subscribers on their email list than those that don’t.

What a Privacy Guarantee Does

A privacy guarantee affixed to your email list signup form will assure your potential subscribers that their data and personal information is safe with you.  This will mean that they are far more likely to sign up for your email list, which will directly translate into you making more money.  How?  Simply put, if your message is reaching more interested eyes, then more people will click through to your website.

While it isn’t absolutely necessary to have a guarantee like this next to your email signup form, it’s a great idea to help you build your email list.  However, if you are planning on selling these email addresses, then you probably shouldn’t even bother placing a guarantee like this.

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