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If you have a skill or aptitude and you would like to work from home then all you need is a computer with Internet access. You need to decide exactly what you are able to do and then get onto the net and find work. It really is as simple as that. In this article I will list some of the activities which lend themselves to this type of arrangement and give you two sites to visit to see for yourself what are on offer. If you are a computer expert, a writer or a translator, you can offer your services on the Internet and bid for any of the thousands of jobs posted onto these sites by people from all over the world. Obtaining your first job is not that easy but once you have been successful you will get into the swing of things and be on your way to achieving home business success using this method.

The two sites I am familiar with are Elance and Vworker. I am not keen to pay any sort of joining fee to anyone and both of these services are free to join. The rates that one typically earns on Vworker are quite low while Elance seems to attract a slightly better caliber of work and the rates seem better. With Vworker you can bid for any number of jobs. With Elance you are limited to 10 “connects” per month. You use one or more of these connect each time you bid for a job. The bigger the job, the more connects you use. You can buy more connects if your monthly allocation runs out. Alternatively you can sign up for a more expensive membership and this will provide many more connect but require a monthly membership fee. Not something I am keen on as mentioned above.

Both Elance and Vworker allow one to become certified as an expert in various areas and disciplines. They allow you to sit exams administered by their sites and if you pass these tests your certifications will display on your profile. This profile is seen by potential employers who receive your bids. If you are interested in joining such a site, visit both Elance and Vworker and browse the numerous jobs posted there. This will give you a good idea about the type of work available. If you decide to join up then you need to get yourself certified in as many disciplines as you can and submit some bids for jobs which look interesting.

When submitting work in respect of a bid which you have won, ensure that you do it to the best of your ability. Provide your employer with frequent updates and make yourself accessible in case they need to contact you. Take agreed deadlines seriously. The sites both advise you to keep all of your submissions and communication on the site (as opposed to communicating via normal e-mail. I have struggled with this personally but it is advisable. It allows the service to arbitrate in the case of a dispute regarding the quality of the work and payment for work.

If you have a computer related or writing skill and would like to earn money with this skill you can start today. Unlike starting your own business which is going to involve registration, advertising, buying equipment and negotiating with customers, this option can have you earning by the end of the day without leaving your desk. Sign up with one or both of these sites and achieve home business success.

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