Search Engine Optimization for Achieving Internet Home Business Success

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a set of techniques used by web marketers to increase the search engine rankings of a website for achieving internet home business success. The aim is to get the web pages reach the number 1 spot on Google for a selection of keywords.

Off-page SEO includes all the factors that determine the popularity of a web page in the search engines. It includes the creation of back links to a website, a practice often termed as increasing “link popularity” of a web site.

Link popularity is the most important metric used by the most popular search engines. In order for SEO, to be useful, web pages need to provide good educational content to web surfers. When the content is good, it takes lesser effort to acquire back links to the website.

All search engines put a lot of emphasis on a website’s “link popularity”. Search engines take into account the number of incoming and outgoing links to a website in order to determine the search engine rankings of a website for certain keywords or key phrases. Remember that incoming links are more significant than outgoing links.

Google, one of the top search engines in the world, uses Page Rank technology to determine the link popularity of a website. When you install the “Google toolbar”, you can easily see a web page’s PageRank. The PR of a web page is from 0 to 10. When there is a grey PR bar for a particular web page, it means that the web page in question has either not been indexed or it has been dropped from the index. In some cases, it can also mean that the website has been banned by Google.

Acquiring quality links incoming from well established or reputable websites can be a difficult undertaking. A reputable website will agree to link out to your website only if you can provide them with certain benefits and if your website has good content that complements the content of the website in question.

Reciprocal linking in a nutshell means exchanging links with another website in order to enhance link popularity and PageRank. This involves sending e-mails to webmasters of websites that you have found has complementary and relevant content. You should endeavor to write a polite personalized email to the webmaster requesting for as link exchange. Here are some guidelines.

Download the Alexa and Google tool bars. The Google toolbar allows you to see the PageRank of webpages of a website. The Alexa toolbar gives traffic information for the website in question. Using these two tools you can quickly decide whether a particular website is worth exchanging links with or not.

Visit several websites in order to find websites that you want to exchange links with. Read the content on the websites, and try to find out all you can about the websites before you send an email to the webmaster inviting him or her to exchange links with your website.

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