Simple Life Lessons to Increase Your Overall Awesomeness-Part 1

Simple Life Lessons to Increase Your Overall Awesomeness-Part 1
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how to create great email contentThroughout my years as an entrepreneur, I’ve learned that many of the most profound and life-changing lessons are the also the most simple ones. They are the things that take you a long time to learn, but once you do, you feel the weight of the world lifting off you.


These aren’t just lessons that will make you more successful in business (although they will). These are lessons that will make you more successful, more productive, happier, and overall more awesome.


I decided to break this topic into two parts, so I don’t overwhelm you with the amazing simplicity of these lessons. Although everyone enjoys the feeling of having their mind blown, I don’t want your head to actually explode with new ideas and information. This way, you can enjoy that mind-blown experience twice.


Most of these lessons I’ve actually discussed in the past, but I wanted to put them all in one general location, so you can print out this article and hang it on your mirror next to your picture of me.


Okay, here we go.


Lesson #1: You only need to focus on one thing.


What am I talking?!? Too often people get distracted by the hundred different things they like, they’re good at, and they think they can make money at. However, to be successful, you only need to be successful at one thing. If you can take one niche, even a small niche, but become the best within that niche, you will have success.


Here’s an example. In addition to my Renegade Success website, I also ran a website on dating advice for women. I loved this site and I loved giving dating advice. I still do. However, when I wanted to take my internet marketing business to the next level, I had to say goodbye to my dating website for a while. Although I was good at it and making money with it, I didn’t have the time or energy to focus on making both my dating site and my internet marketing business huge success.


This isn’t to say, you can’t have other interests or even other businesses. However, it would likely work out best to work full force on your success in one niche before branches out to other niches. It’s better to find great success in one niche that mediocre success in multiple niches.


Additionally, when you do find success, you’ll then find you also have the time and resources to pursue other niches. I haven’t abandoned by quest to be a dating advice guru. As a matter of fact, I have plans in the works to go back to offering dating advice. The point is I needed to focus on my internet marketing business first to make that successful without the distraction of this other website.


selling on amazonLesson #2: Don’t build a box and then put yourself in it.


This might seem somewhat contradictory to lesson #1, but I assure you it is not. While it is important to focus on becoming the best in one niche at a time, you also want to make sure you don’t get stuck in that niche.


When I write articles and create videos, I talk about internet marketing, sales, personal development, productivity, working out, lap dances, and being awesome. While focusing on my niche, I am also letting myself explore other related topics. If you keep your niche too narrow, you’ll either run out of things to talk about or you’ll get so bored with your own content that you’ll want to unsubscribe from yourself.


Additionally, by exploring other topics, people won’t be shocked or critical if and when you do decide to branch out. For example, if I wanted to start a website and how to give amazing lap dances, people wouldn’t be like…”how weird…what does Devon know about lap dancing?’ More likely, they’ll be like….”Haha…Devon is so awesome.”


Lesson #3: Don’t wait for the perfect moment; it doesn’t exist.


I get messages from and talk to people all the time that share with me all the reasons they “can’t” start their internet marketing business right now. They tell me why now isn’t the right time, and then they describe when the right time will come….when they have more time, when they have more money, when their kids are older, or their car is paid off. They share with me all the things that need to be perfectly aligned before they will be able to start their business. They assure me that when the time is right, they are absolutely going to launch.


This never works! There is NEVER the perfect moment. It’s because life doesn’t work that way. There will always be other things to do. There will always be other things you need to spend your money on. The PERFECT time is when you decide you are ready to stop talking about change and actually make a change.


I’ll share more life lessons with you tomorrow.


In the mean time, PLEASE


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