Skydiving and Free Traffic

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Hey Everyone…

As you may or may not know, I just got back from Hawaii! One of the fun things that I got to do while I was there was to jump out of an airplane!!!

I’ve included some pictures below for your enjoyment!

But here’s the funny thing….

You know how sometimes, a thought will race through your mind at the speed of light and then it’ll be gone instantly…we’ll, on of the thoughts that ever so briefly passed through my mind while I was floating 10K feet over Hawaii was

“Holy Poop – I’m Actually Getting Free Traffic To My Website Right Now And Other People Are Doing All The Work!”

I’ve made a short video to explain what I’m talking abut!

Enjoy the pics and the video!
Please leave a comment if you found this video informative
Be sure to check out the link below the video to get the full story!

Devon Brown SkydivingDevon Brown Skydiving

Devon Brown Skydiving

Devon Brown Skydiving

Devon Brown Skydiving

Devon Brown SkydivingDevon Brown SkydivingDevon Brown Skydiving


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  1. 4:00 pm on February 5, 2010

    That must have been a unique and wonderful experience!

  2. Aloha Devon, welcome back home and back to work I see. Cool concept and hopefully I am able to do the same automatically having my sites generate funds while I am having fun traveling. Mahalo for sharing your pictures and brief presentation.

  3. 11:12 pm on February 5, 2010

    Why would I want to jump off a perfectly good working plane … Lol!
    I am currently using this method and it works like gang busters … as long what you are giving away is something very useful to your audiance. Hint: Always over deliver.
    God Bless,


  4. Devon, something different, unique & smart, worth trying. Good Job.

  5. Hey Devon cool man that’s taking things to the next level. Glad to see you made it back all together.

  6. 10:04 am on February 6, 2010

    Great pix!! My youngest daughter lives in Hawaii so when I get going with my business I am ready to go see her. Maybe I can talk her into going skydiving with me or at least parasailing 🙂

  7. Hi Devon,
    Great photos of you skydiving and thanks for the great traffic tip. would really like to see the other pictures from Hawaii.


  8. thanks again for the great ideas and content!
    hope you had a great time in Hawaii.

  9. Aloha Devon!

    Looks like fun … And getting traffic to your site at the same time … What could be better?

    Look me up next time you’re in Hawaii!

  10. Hey Devon,

    I love it. Simple and logic. I’m going to try this technique soon.

    John “Mr. Ultimate Experience”

  11. Hey Devon,

    I love it – simple and logical. I’m going to try this technique soon.

    John “Mr. Ultimate Experience”

  12. Hey Devon, Great concept.Just watched the first video,now I’ll watch the other one.
    Then I’m gonna go and install it.Thanks again,Roger

  13. 7:52 pm on February 10, 2010

    love the tool very helpful

  14. Awesomeness buddy!!! Love the video and love the lifestyle! Great automation example. Keep crushing it!

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