Getting Traffic To Your Squeeze Page

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Hey Guys,

Devon here with another LIVE answer to one of YOUR questions.

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Today’s question comes from Freddie G. and has to do with getting traffic to your squeeze page.

Fredrick Asks:

Hi Devon,
How do you get that first email out there that says “I have a free report just for you”, so I can get the name and email address into my auto-responder? I have a website with a squeeze page. Like Brian, how do I get the squeeze page out there?

Brian and I just what to know how do you get people to the squeeze page?
Freddie G

P.S. Your explanation of List Building was good but getting to that point is the problem.


Ok, so just to recap…

If you want to get traffic to your squeeze page you pretty much have a couple of options.

1.  Use the countless FREE methods you’ve heard me and so many others talk about (Articles, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Forums, ETC…)

2.  If you’re in the “Internet Marketing/Make Money Online” Niche then you can go CLICK HERE to check out safe-swaps. You can get a membership and then pay other people to send a “Solo-Ad” to their list for you.

3. If you’re NOT in the “Internet Marketing/Make Money Online” Niche, then you can check out and have them email their list for you. But…if you’re using Arcamax then you need to make sure that your niche has BROAD APPEAL!

When spending money to have people send emails for you, you need to make sure that you direct ALL traffic to your squeeze page.

If you don’t have a niche and a squeeze page then you can get one by going to

So…hopefully this question shed a little bit of light on things for you.

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To YOUR Success 🙂
Devon Brown

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  1. These are just a few free ways to drive traffic to your squeeze page ( say that fast lol )
    -Article Marketing
    -Facebook Fanpages
    -Blog Commenting
    -Fourm Commenting
    -Guess post on someone else blog
    -On page optimization (for your niche) and yes SEO does work, but it takes time.

    And you should test,test,test your squeeze page to insure it’s optimized for maximum conversions,such as Headline Copy, Body Copy and sofar here’s tip have a video on your squeeze page explaining your benefits as why your prospect should signup to your list. Also one last thing do not bomb your list with offers every single day remember your providing benefits this insures prospects turns into loyal follower of your mailing.

  2. Perfect Devon,

    Great video btw precise and to the point as usual and Yes IM or MMO niche I would love
    if you get the ball rolling with that epiphany You had at the end like Budda conciousness Idea.
    HA ! LOL.

  3. 12:15 pm on November 1, 2011

    Once again Devon… you give us great content that can only help us out! I think you are right about getting that first few people to opt in on our page, so wecan make that first sale would greatly help most of us out! I’m looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts on that topic…

    Paul T

  4. Good information Devon. I think most folks must know that time is what it will take to build your list and build your business. Never understood why everyone is in a rush. Can you imagine starting up a brick and mortar business and getting profits from it by tomorrow? Well it doesn’t happen.

    I appreciate you sharing the ArcaMax, will check that our for my clients.

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