Start With Why For Success In Your Business

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Hey Everyone

I was reading some of my blog comments from a previous video I posted on The Importance Of Finding A Strong Enough Why when one of the comments really caught my attention (Thanks Kimberly F. 🙂 )

Inside Kimberly’s comment was a link to a video about how “why” can affect the success or failure of your business in a HUGE way.

I found this video extremely valuable so I thought it would be something fun to share with you today!

Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know your feedback with regard to the video!

Have a Great Weekend
Devon 🙂

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  1. 12:37 pm on May 28, 2010


  2. 6:30 pm on May 28, 2010

    Very inspiring, helps you to stop and think put things into perspective for ‘why’ and not ‘what’. Thanks

  3. 9:45 pm on May 28, 2010

    I do agree with this vid. For many years I was a middle school teacher, and if you don’t know the teaching profession in Oklahoma is not a lucrative endeavor. There were always teachers that would not go the extra mile for their students unless they were compensated for their time.

    I would always make the speech,” At some time what we do (teaching) cannot be about the money, it has to be about people, ( in this case the students), you have to believe you can make a difference and touch their lives in some way. And in many cases I truly did touch their lives, because I believed in them and I believed in the future and I believed in what I did.

    So with all that being said, the “Golden Circle”, does work. I hope that I have the intuitiveness
    to apply it and believe it in my new venture. I want to be part of the solution, and to be able to minimize the problem. Not to sell only offer a solution.

    At any rate, loved the vid…Devon once again you rock!

    Everyone join WEB COPY CAT..u won’t be sorry.



  4. 4:50 am on May 29, 2010

    Wow and Wow! Very empowering information!

  5. When I watched this video I started to think why I am doing internet marketing. That gave me lot of ideas how I should marketing things I believe. Thank you for the great information and keep in touch.


  6. 10:40 am on May 30, 2010

    Great video, Devon, as always. Inspirational on so many levels. When I realized I am functioning and planning and living my life on “What” not “Why” I had the chills..seriously. I have been lurking in the background of the internet business scene, not starting anything because it was always the “what” I wanted to happen..make money and leave my job behind. As much as I wanted this it did not inspire me to make the leap and I was puzzled as to why not. My “why” has always been helping people so beating people over the head with buy this or that product on a daily basis made me uncomfortable. Whoa…major moment of enlightenment. I need to make my approach keeping my “Why” formost and live life accordingly. This has not only given me pause to look at myself ( for this alone I am greatful) but has started some very interesting thinking and planning.Thank You….(BIG HUG AND SMOOCH) Rita

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