Stop Bitching (Kinda)

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Hey Guys,

Today I’m gonna stand on my soap box a little bit and talk to you about something that pretty much ALL of us do.

It has to do with Complaining (i.e. “Bitching”) about things when they don’t go the way we want them to…

So, as you’ve now discovered…

Complaining/bitching can actually hold the key to success because it lets us know the areas of our lives where we feel pain.

The KEY is to recognize the complaining as a signal that something isn’t right, and then IMMEDIATELY move from “Complain Mode” to “Solution Mode”.

Remember, start with “What” and “How” questions

WHAT can I do to fix this?
WHAT is the solution to this problem?
HOW can I fix this?

Time to stop complaining and start finding solutions!

To YOUR Success 🙂
Devon Brown

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  1. brilliant!

  2. 12:09 pm on July 11, 2011

    Devon, you are so right about that!! 🙂

  3. 12:31 pm on July 11, 2011

    You make a good point. But I feel like bitching a little. Internet marketing is hard. I have to move that darn mouse around and I’ll probably get carpal tunnel syndrome. My fingers are getting tired from all that typing. It’s way too hot in Phoenix. Yada, yada, yada, I feel better.

  4. 12:36 pm on July 11, 2011

    Devon, so true…just complaining, doesn’t solve a thing.


  5. So true.

    Bitching is a good thing- much better than trying to pretend everything is all hunky-dory when they’re not, but you’re right, don’t let it drag out into a bitch party. Get it out, and then do something about it to fix it. No one likes listening to little whiny bitching. It IS annoying!

    Make it a great day!

    Doc Seth

  6. Completely agree with you Devon!
    The temptation is big these days…
    I f personally find meditation very effective.
    And, as a cure to everything, ANY Anthony Robbins video will do:)

    Thank you again!!

  7. “BREAKING NEWS!! The Pity Train has just derailed at the intersection of Suck It Up & Move On, and crashed into We All Have Problems, before coming to a complete stop at Get Over It. Any complaints about how we operate, can be forwarded to 1-800-waa-wah with Dr. Sniffle reporting LIVE from Quitchur Whinin’.”

    Keep up the greatness Devon!

    Mark Edward Brown

  8. Hey Devon. Bitching and wining definitely will not get any marketer anywhere.

    The best thing to do in that situation is turn the negative into a positive. Nearly EVERY problem has a solution and all you need to do is find it. It may take time but isn’t it worth the risk?

    Thanks brother and all the best.

  9. 8:27 pm on July 11, 2011

    Devon, Baby, you are so severely sexy.
    Please be >gay< alright.

  10. 9:34 pm on July 11, 2011

    hi, not complaining yet, just trying to learn, i even got my own face book, kids help me, like you said where have you been. thanks

  11. Hi Devon,

    Yes a very good point, I’ll say I am the type of person who thinks “Well err Stuff 🙂 happens but this is the situation Now, so how do I sort it out” as just getting into complain mode is just extending the time until whatever it is gets fixed.

    With that said, a good moan now and then is far better than just bottling it up and up untill you blow, so a good five minute rant to let off steam can be very beneficial. but any longer just extends the time in finding the solution.

    Everyone here should do there best to adopt this view because to be successful Internet marketers we need to quickly find solutions for other peoples problems, that will be extremely difficult if we take an age to find solutions for our own.


  12. Hey Devon!
    You are absolutely right on with that. Complaining, whether personally or professionally is not a forward movement. It keeps you stuck, unproductive and eventually you will also become a pain in the butt too!

    Thanks for telling it straight!

  13. This is key… stop bitching and complaining!

    It takes people time to shift, however it’s personal development 101.

    The big issue behind it is the victim mentality it creates, and that just attracts a shit loads of unpleasant stuff into your life.

    I like this post!

  14. 12:42 pm on December 2, 2013

    Complaining doesn’t get you anywhere. I find that if I don’t have anything good to say, I replace it with motivational and positive thinking with reading, or quotes I send to my FB family and friends. This is what I had done with my son while he was growing up. He was negative, so I redirected him in a more positive direction with the way he perceives actions.

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