STOP Driving Traffic To Your Company Replicated Website!

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People always say to me: “Devon, I’m driving traffic to the replicated website that my network marketing company gave me but It’s not getting me any results?

If you want to read this article (as opposed to watching) just click the link below.

The reason you shouldn’t drive traffic to the replicated website that
your mlm company gives you is because you is because the website gives people too many options.  Let me explain.

There’s a pretty good chance that the replicated site that your company provides for you has SEVERAL links to SEVERAL different pages. Common likes would include “Home”, “About Us”, “Product”, “Compensation Plan”, Etc…  In many cases there are a dozen or more options for someone to click on when they come to your company’s sites.  This kind of website (one that gives people options) is normally referred to as a “branding site” or a “brochure site”. The problem here is that if you give someone numerous options, then its unlikely that they will pick the MAIN option you want them to pick.

Chances are pretty good that the person will click all of the different
stuff and then they’ll go about their merry way. Why? It’s simple…

If you want a human being to do something then you have to tell them to do ONE thing. So, you will first need to decide exactly what it is you want to person to do (usually the 1st thing they should do is type in their e-mail address). Once this is done, my advice to you is to take them to a presentation. This way their mind is singularly focused on watching a presentation. After that you can take them to a “regular” website but I would even be so bold as to take them directly to a signup page.

So, stop driving traffic to the replicated site that your mlm company
gives you and remember, if you want someone to do something…then tell them to do that ONE thing!

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