Attention Network Marketers: If You Want MASSIVE SUCCESS…You MUST Stop Waiting On Your Upline

Attention Network Marketers: If You Want MASSIVE SUCCESS...You MUST Stop Waiting On Your Upline
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Yes, I know the title of this blog post is directed to network marketers/mlm’ers… but it’s not JUST
for them.

The idea taught in the video below is pretty much applicable to ANYONE who is:
1.) Involved in a home business/business opportunity
2.) Waiting on help from an upline/leader/guru type person to help them make money

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So… there you have it.

The “secret” of those of us who end up being the top income earners in the mlm/home business industry.

Remember, I’m not saying to abandon your upline or anything like that. And I’m certainly not saying that you shouldn’t ENGAGE with them and LEARN from them (ESPECIALLY if they’re willing to help you).

But what I am saying is that you’re going to have to STOP associating how much success you have with how much they’re involved with you. If they don’t help you, oh well… that’s no excuse for you to not reach your goals!!

I hope this was helpful 🙂

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To YOUR Success,
Devon Brown 🙂

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1 Comment
  1. Hi Devon,

    Being from the MLM/NWM industry I have come to realized that uplines come and go literally… You really have to be a self starter and finisher.

    People will promise you the world just to get your money, then after the sale they are gone and off after the next sucker/sale… I speak from experience.

    As you say you’ve got to become the leader you are wanting to work with.

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