The 10% Vs The 90%

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The fact of the matter is that the VAST majority of people in our industry FAIL MISERABLY.

But why is that…

I would submit to you that there are numerous reasons that there is such an abysmal success rate in our industry….but that one of the BIGGEST REASONS people fail is because of what’s discussed in today’s video.


CORRECTION: The title of the book is “Influence: The Psychology Of Persuasion”
(Not “The Psychology Of Influence”… my bad) 🙂


What’d you think?

As always…feel free to leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts!

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To Your Success,
Devon Brown

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  1. 1:37 pm on March 2, 2012

    O.k, Devon.

    Listen Man, that was one of the best posts I have heard in a long time.
    It was really right to the point and just want most of us need to hear.

    There are way too many things that I have started and not finished.
    And I am one of the most accomplished people in my circle. It probably means that my circle is too small- but that’s for another post. Thanks for the reminder and the power of using yourself as an example during the illustration. Brilliant!!!!!!!


    p.s. List up to 600
    thanks to copycat!

  2. 1:43 pm on March 2, 2012

    Having been a fast food manager, many years ago, the statements you make are straight to the point. Thanks, being a victim of my own “bright shiny object” syndrome, I do understand. It’s really really really easy to get caught up in “stuff” and loose focus on follow thru. Guilty as charged. Oh, by the way I have a few years on you and the scattered-ness of my behavior has kept me in a financial hole. At 69 years of age I,m still attempting to do home maintenance and repair and my old body is rebelling. That was my initial reason for even attempting to get invoved in the IM world. Have learned a lot but haven’t put it all together. If anyone has read this comment this far, Devon has presented some solid information here. You can learn with persistance and drive, BUT, it’s a lot slower.

  3. 2:42 pm on March 2, 2012

    Devon, Thanks for that HUGE FOR REAL INFO. It Means a Lot Especially To Newbies, Who Needed To Hear That! Guest What, Iam one of those 90% Groupies. Always like Hearing your Comments. Please Continue to be for REAL.
    Nathaniel Chambers

  4. 12:02 pm on March 3, 2012

    Hey Devon,

    This was so what I needed my focus has been to jump from one thing to another when things get hard or nothing comes out of my efforts. I won’t blame my attention span dwindling every year, I do have a problem with patience and need to have blinders on and stick to one thing to fruition and not bail, like you said that’s why the 10% succeed and everyone else fails. I heard a long time ago that in order to change or develop a habit whether financially, physically etc.., it takes 21 days and after giving it your full effort and nothing happens to change that situation at least discipline was developed and you won’t be too far in accomplishing what you want. Just because everything seems to be fast paced learning a new skill isn’t and I confuse the two. Thanks for this, I’m noticing my weaknesses and reevaluating them.

  5. 5:47 am on March 24, 2012

    Good morning Devon, It’s true what you’re saying but I’m goto answer your ? for 1 did you realy
    feel like readding or watching all those video’s No because You Got Borde w/ It That why
    and how about that book you been waiting for .Now I going tell you something about
    Book’s say the book is real great you can’t wait to get it does’s come out til for 6mo
    then book co,say not 4-6mo but as great re-vier so about this time you get so on
    your mind or want another book is right that really cool it’s bad to bone and you
    had plan out forgot about the other book in when you remember you sit say I’ll get
    next wk. w/ all said you talk you self not reading or watching because your to tried
    or brode w/ it . as a Nurse and psch nurse. But I do admitte I get verey borde w/
    this kind stuff and try to talk myself into I goto watch this video but I need new skill
    so need to make myself do it. I like money like we all do, and help if you some one
    like Devon on side and you like. thank’s devon

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