The Dishonest Chargeback Challenge

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Hey Everyone!

Today…We’re gonna talk about something that every business owner who is making a decent amount of sales has to deal with… CHARGEBACKS (yuck)!

You see, the problem is not that chargebacks sometimes happen legitimately. The problem is that many people use them as a way to not have to take responsibility for their actions!

Not sure what I’m talking about?


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  1. 5:05 pm on November 19, 2010


    right on man! you are so right and this needs to be said, so many people think just by buying something that they will make a bunch of money and life will never be the same. It is very sad, but seems to be quite prevelant and you are right that is the reason people fail online, it’s not the product all the time it’s lack of taking action and implementing the information.

    Thanks for this and WCC is converting great for me. Can wait for your next product to promote.

  2. 5:38 pm on November 19, 2010

    Hi! Devon.

    Cheers… for sharing ‘challenge on chargeback’.

    I admit… I have asked for a refund after 10 days trial without realising I had gone over the 10day trail. Much to my embarrassment! At the time, due to circs out of my control, I lacked confidence and focus for implementation.

    Enjoy Vegas!

    With admiration and appreciation.

  3. Still working toward my first online income, BUT wow what a great video on chargebacks.

  4. 12:26 am on November 20, 2010

    First of all, 13 black, Devon. Trust me. Don’t come whining to me if you’re standing there and you don’t play it and it hits 🙂
    Even though I am not one of those dorks who generates charge backs, and I know this blog did not apply to me, I watched the whole thing. There’s just something about you. You’re so funny. You’re also so down to earth and so easy to relate to.

  5. 10:08 am on November 20, 2010


    I believe you are 110% correct in your message. Can anyone say ‘Personal Responsibility’? The product you are selling, is being sold to people who say that they are business owners. It is my belief that if a person wants to be in business, they have only 1 choice (This is similar to a ‘squeeze page’ where you either click the box, ‘I am an honest person’ – at which point you are granted access, – or – you must leave.). I think anyone watching this video will also agree with the real case of fraud that you mentioned. If the individual’s credit card had been stolen, and properly reported as stolen, then that individual has indeed been a victim of fraud and deserves to have their money returned.

    Thank you!

  6. 1:08 pm on November 20, 2010

    Devon, you just crack me up man… As an “English Grumpy Ol Man” of 61 I must admit you have words of wisdom… Your the man… your rapore with the viewer is great and a complete natural in front of the camera. ( Bet the camera operator is keeping your blood running super fast) She sounds a blast too!!! Lets see her, switch that camera around and stop hoggin the limelight!

    But on a more serious note, your comments are so on the money. A very informative piece, cheers.
    As a newbie trying to make a fistfull of dollars, (sorry… just had to get thet one in) I had not thought of these problems. I have like most people, paid out when the guarantee date has run out. Even when I’m ‘skint’ (old English term)

    Anyway Devon keep it up and keep making my Fridays too!

  7. Right on Devon! Telling it like it is.

    I saw a news story some time back where a survey said a majority of college students admitted cheating. This is the mentality of our culture these days. So many people think it’s okay to lie and cheat and like you said “not take responsibility”. Keep up the good work!

  8. 8:13 pm on November 25, 2010

    Devon….I agree with what you are saying. Most people think that making money is just the positive approach and no action,or they just buy so many programs out of trying to find the right nich for them that they fail to follow the instruction ,totally forget they’ve got a prgram and suddenly the companies are a scam…’s sad!! but yoiu do tell it like it is . Good Luck in Vegas

  9. 3:53 pm on November 26, 2010

    Hey Devon,
    There you go telling it like it is, AND I LIKE IT !!!!!! Hey Sometimes you have to Shut
    All The Craziness Down and with this video you’ve done just that !!!

    Devon, You Always Keep It Real My Maaaan !!


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