The Importance of a Website for Your Internet Home Business, Part II

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In our last article of home business success tips, we went over a couple of the reasons you should develop a website for your home business, as well as some of the initial steps to take.  In this article, we will take a look at two key reasons to complete the web development process: advertising revenue and email lists.

Advertising Revenue

When you visit just about any website, there’s a great chance that you saw at least a few advertisements scattered around the page.  Sometimes, they come in the form of vertical or horizontal banners, in-text advertisements, or even the much-hated pop-up ad.  Each of these types of advertisements have their own advantages, and having different ones on your website can all contribute directly to the income of your home business.  One of the most important home business success tips that we can give you is to maximize any source of revenue that you can find.

The really great thing about advertising on your website is that the income generated will grow as your business grows.  The more people that visit your website, the more income advertising will generate.  Plus, you can even use these advertising locations to exchange advertisements with other business in a similar niche as your own.

While you may initially cringe at the thought of allowing advertisements on your own website, you really shouldn’t worry: ads are so prevalent at this point that visitors to your website would just be confused if you didn’t have any.

Email Lists

In addition to social networking and your website, email lists are a great way to stay in touch with your customers and to keep them coming back for more of your product.  The most successful email lists tend to function like a newsletter: they tell your customers what’s going on with your business, what special offers you’re running, and even any special events your business might be involved in.

Best of all, creating an email list is a simple matter of asking for your customers’ email addresses when they purchase something, or putting a form on your website asking them to subscribe.

But make sure to get permission!  Nobody likes spam.

Hopefully by now you have made the decision to launch a website, no matter how small, for your home business, and you are ready to begin planning other aspects of your Internet marketing strategy.

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