Pay It Forward Challenge Part 2 – “Conversations With Female Millionaires” & “Code Bytes”

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Hey Everyone!

I got such great response from the original “Pay It Forward” video that I decided to do another one and REALLY practice what I was preaching in the first video!


So, In today’s video I want to do 2 things:

1. Announce the winner of the little “impromptu contest” we had from the last video

2. Introduce you to a few authors who have some AMAZING books that you definitely need to check out and tell people about!

WARNING: There are a few parts of this video that are very “REAL/ADULT”. Just giving you a quick heads up. If you’re EASILY offended, DON’T WATCH!



Hopefully you got a lot out of the video!



Here’s the link to this page:

Here are the links to the books/authors I was telling you about!

Enjoy 🙂

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  1. 12:16 pm on April 1, 2011

    I didn’t realise that you were this in to personal development … I should have known really.

    On that note … expect an important e-mail very soon. I’ve got an awesome way that many good guys I look up to are about to do exactly what you’re talking about … and I think you’ll find it very interesting : )

  2. 1:03 pm on April 1, 2011

    I think my head is spinning for I have wanted to meet Jason for many years for my aunt the same thing he had and mad it through that but passed away sitting on her porch on a Memorial day in 2007. For some reason years later I looked up individuals who had survived this ugly bulge in the brain and I read an article on Jason. I tip my hats off to him for I know that my aunt lost her sight in her right eye and other psychical problems but kept working at her grocery store in a little town. She has been my idol through life and now that I’m disabled I could use a pick me up on days that I’m down. I envy you for being Jason’s friend and wish someday that I could meet him in person and just talk to him about many things. Mostly personnal

  3. 1:54 pm on April 1, 2011

    Hey Devon,
    I’ve been really busy with alot of other assignments building websites for customers,SEO and falmily, so I missed your last email about Paying it Forward contest, but this is so true… our Bible tells us when you bless someone else you in turn will be bless also so Devon keep up the great work and thank you helping so many folks out

    Darryl H

    PS Also congrats on your engagement, God Speed.

  4. I appreciate the book reviews. As a female entrepreneur, I am always looking for great personal development and great content.

  5. 11:13 pm on April 1, 2011

    Hey Devon, this was probably one of the most powerful videos that you have done. Your are correct in saying that most of us don’t really have any excuses, for not at least doing our best and hen some. I am looking forward to meeting some of your friends and making them my friends as well.

    PS, I am from South Carolina, not to far from Atlanta!

  6. Devon,

    Words can’t describe what this meant to Donny and myself.

    All I can say is thanks!

    And I will follow your lead and pay it forward as well.

    Good looking out.


  7. 9:32 pm on April 2, 2011

    Hey Devon,
    Great video as all of yours are. I really look forward to your emails. I also want your readers to know that as a newbie I am very impressed with you. and Tera. Tera has answered my emails and has talked to me on the phone and was VERY helpful. Out of all the research I have been doing about online marketing and trying to decide how to get started, your site has been the only one to respond to me out of trying with so many that I have tried to contact. Again thanks to Tera and I will be in touch again and Keep on Rockin…..

  8. Devon good content as always keep it coming my man

  9. 8:02 am on April 4, 2011

    Hey Devon,

    Just a quick note to let you know how much your videos inspire me in this business! You are for real man! Take care and keep the good stuff flowing! M

  10. Excellent video as usual Devon, the message was similar to Jesus’ word. It’s more blessed to give than receive” the principal stands. Take care God bless.

  11. Madame C.J Walker, first black Millionaire and she’s a woman.

    Christopher Wilson

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