The Power of Free

The Power of Free
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A Free gift for You!There are so many tools in marketing that can be employed to help increase your growth and your brand recognition. However, few are more effective than giving your target audience a sampling of what you have to offer. Offering a free sample or a free trial offer accomplished two things.   First, it gives people the security they need to make a decision. People are always worried about spending money when they aren’t hundred percent sure the product or service is exactly what they are looking for. Offering them a free trial or sample, gives them the confidence and secure they need to put in their order.   This marketing method has been successfully employed time and time again. You see it with exercise equipment, high-end mattresses, cars, and more. Try it free for so many days and then decide. If you don’t like it, the company will take it back at no cost to the customer. While there are people, who will order for the trial period and then send it back, this method is overall very successful.   Zig Ziglar refers to this as the “puppy dog” close. Once the customer has the product and starts using it, they don’t want to send it back. Even if they weren’t really intending on buying it. even if it is more than they really wanted to spend; once they start using it, they fall in love with it. Ziglar says it’s like bringing home a new puppy. Once the puppy is home with you, you don’t want to send it back, no matter how frustrating the pup can be.   working at homeThe same concept can be applied to a free sample. This can be a free consultation, CD, video, report, or any other form of contentthat isn’t otherwise available. The most important thing is to make the most of your free sample or offer. Make it valuable, emotional, and persuasive. You want the sampling of your product or service to sell for you. Your customers won’t feel sold; they’ll feel they were able to make an informed decision.   What about the people that don’t go through with the purchase? Isn’t that a loss of time, effort, and product? Not at all!! Even if someone goes through the free trial or requests a sample and then doesn’t buy, you now have a warm lead. You have all their contact information, and you know they weren’t interested enough to order the sample or go through the free trial. There are dozens of possible reasons they didn’t make a purchase.   Finally, you will always have people, who scoop up free samples, regardless of what they are, and they have no interest in buying. To this, I say “So What?” The sales and the warm leads you will get from this method of marketing will be beneficial enough to make the whole thing worth it financially.   As Always… 1. PLEASE leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts. 2. PLEASE share this article with your internet entrepreneur friends!

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