The Secret Ingredients to Driving Traffic to Your Website

The Secret Ingredients to Driving Traffic to Your Website
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driving trafficAfter doing some keyword research, it became clear that a lot of people are searching for ways to drive traffic to their websites. Driving traffic is essential to building your following, establishing yourself as an authority and selling your product. Regardless of whether you are a part-time blogger or a full-time internet marketer, driving traffic is important.


Although there is a lot that can be said about driving traffic, I’m not trying to write a book right now. So I’m going to share some of the most essential and helpful information I know on the topic.


First thing to consider is that titles are the first impression of your article or website. You have to use search engine optimization and keywords to have it show up on Google and other search engines. You have to make it sound interesting. You clicked into this article because you saw “Secret,” “Ingredient,” and “Traffic,” used in the same sentence. Now you’re reading the article to see the what the secret is. Too many blogs use crap titles that don’t show up on search engines or don’t instigate any interest. Good thoughtful titles alone will dramatically increase your traffic.


Secondly, maintaining traffic is all about your strength to handle both long term and short term business. Sure you’ll get spikes, but once it spikes up, you have to keep it up. With every article, make opt-ins and subscribing fast, simple, and easy. Grow your e-mail list and use it to its maximum potential. You will not get high levels of traffic or an over-stuffed wallet overnight. Be patience, be consistent, and be committed to your business, and you’ll get there.


Social media is a great way to increase traffic. How you use different social media websites can get you different results. Facebook, driving trafficTwitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, and any other social media website can bring in enormous amounts of likes, clicks, browsers, and followers. Update regular with rich content and statuses related to your niche and future content. Don’t wait for a new website to come and go. Use it while it’s in its prime, while it is new, while it’s the thing to have. Pinterest is so new my computer’s dictionary doesn’t even know what it is.


Your content is the core of your website, the only reason your business exist. Make sure this is your strongest aspect of your website. If you build nothing but traffic and e-mail lists, you will fail. Rich content is valuable. People want value. Make your content simple and easy to understand and interpret. Guide your readers in how to use their newfound knowledge. And include well thought out picture to aide in the understanding process. If any of your content isn’t helpful to your readers, trim it out and bring in helpful only content.


While we are discussing the content of your website, let’s talk about the size of your articles. Large articles filled with rich and easy to understand content are great for you and your business. There is such thing as too little. Remember, you goal is to provide value to your readers. Articles that are so scrawny and starved of rich content with not get you any traffic. In fact, their blunt and boring nature will turn people away. You also lose authority and credibility. On the reverse side, being overstuffed and wordy is just as bad. Be thorough and detailed without having so much fat, your articles are like chewing thick rubber.


Everyone seems to believe that search engine optimization drives all the traffic in the world of the internet. While it does drive traffic, it only drives a portion of traffic. Your rich content will lead to likes, adds, subscriptions, and so much more by just existing. Your read base can grow your business all on its own if you do it right. Network your website through social media and you’ll get far more traffic than you would via search engine optimization.


Driving traffic should never be your ultimate goal. Two of the points told you how to expand your content and create a richer ground basis for your website. Rich content can drive your website to success on its own. A good title snags the attention of a potential reader. All of this is stuff you should already be doing. All you have to do is do better. Step it up and challenge yourself to expand what you’re doing already and become a better and successful business person.


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