The Thing About Success

The Thing About Success
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For most people, if you were asked to explain your business goal in one word, that would be success, or some variation of success. People seek out opportunities in internet marketing because they want the freedom of working from home with a boss dictating what they do and how much they make. They want to be in control of their wealth and their future.


Despite these desires, a lot of people pursuing a career in internet marketing do not succeed. Some don’t find any success and some may find minimal success, but never enough to declare their financial independence.


I have something really important to tell you about success. Once you read my announcement, some of you may be shocked while others may be thinking “well, duh.” How you respond will most tell a very important story about your current success and your potential for future success.


Now that I’m thinking of it, there are several announcements I could make, but they all tell the same story.


Here we go…


There is no such thing as an overnight success.




You are not going to make enough money from scratch to quit your job and travel the world on a yacht in the next three days.


Every “overnight” success has a story. This story likely involves a great number of all-nighters, failures, repeated attempts, study, learning, loss of sleep, and a whole lot more.


All offers sound amazing and all marketers are going to tell you there system will make the difference in your life. The thing is you need to also use common sense. If a program or marketer is promising to make you a millionaire within 48 hours with zero investment and no work, you need to let your common sense kick in. This is so amazingly unrealistic, you need to see that.


Now, if a program or marketer tells you they can give you the tools to build your own business or they can provide you with a system that will allow you to streamline your business and work less, it is worth a second look. While it may not be the best program for you personally, it is more likely a solid program.


Successful people have a strong ethic. They aren’t looking for the “easy money” or the “overnight success.” They are looking for the successability to support themselves and have a comfortable life in the long term while also helping others achieve the same.


Nothing…no program or system is going to bring you success unless you are willing and able to put in the time and effort. If you take a second to look around the internet and social media, you will see hundreds of quotes by highly successful people; Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates…  The one thing all these quotes and soundbites have in common are the themes of determination, perseverance, and hard work.


It’s okay to have lofty dreams, but you need to be realistic about your timeline and the amount of work that is needed to achieve your goals. There will be days that you think success will never come, and there will be days that you want nothing more than to quit and find a good job with “stability.” I can tell you without a doubt that everyone has those days. Every professional, every guru, ever self-made millionaire had days when they wondered if they were ever going to make it, or if they business idea they were completely invested in was a mistake. If you’re having one of those “I want to quit” days, check out my video on this very topic. Click the link to watch I Want to Quit!


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To YOUR Success,
Devon Brown 🙂

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