The Top 10 Ajax-Powered Plugins for WordPress

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There are a large number of plugins for WordPress. However, many of these plugins now use Ajax to make sure that the usability of these plugins is improved.

The top 10 Ajax-powered plugins for Word-Press are mentioned below:

AjaxWP: This plugins helps in adding Ajax to all the aspects of your WordPress blog so as to make sure that the load time for the entire site is increased.

Ajax Comment Preview: This WordPress plugin allows the users to see a preview of their comments before they actually post the comments.

asTunes: This plugin has the power of retrieving your data from Audioscrobbler/ profile and creates a listed posting on your blog.

Crossroads: If you are a WordPress blogger with a Flickr account as well, this plugin will help you in adding comments and thumbnails from your Flickr account to your WordPress blog.

Google Page Rank: You will be a very successful blogger if your blog has a high page rank with Google and you will definitely like to display this achievement. This little WordPress plugin helps you to display your blog’s Google page rank on your blog.

Hardened-Trackback: This is an Ajax-powered WordPress plugin which helps in fighting trackback spam by generating a single use trackback.

WordPress Mailing List: If you have a mailing list, you can provide the facility to your readers to subscribe or unsubscribe from your site’s front page by using this Ajax-powered plugin.

Google MapSearch Widget: If your readers want to search for Google Maps, they can now do that without leaving your site. All you need to do is to install this WordPress plugin.

XDTalk: Once you install this Ajax-powered plugin your registered users will be able to spark a real-time conversation.

Inline Ajax Page: This plugin will allow the readers to view a post snippet and once a button is clicked a remainder will be appearing without moving on to the other page.

Ajax Comments 2.0: This plugin helps in auto-updating the comments page without the need of complete reload of the page. This makes commenting far smoother compared to the older system of complete reload.

WP e-Commerce: This plugin allows adding a shopping cart to the sites powered by WordPress.

WP-Post Ratings: This Ajax-powered WordPress plugin allows the readers of your blog to rate your blog posts.

WP-Polls: With this plugin, the readers can take polls which can be fully customized by the admin.

FireStats: Provides statistics for popular pages and referrers.

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