The Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Social Media Sharing

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Social media plays a crucial role in popularizing a blog or a website and also helps in getting new traffic. There are a number of WordPress plugins for social media sharing which help the blog owners to get social exposures. The top 10 WordPress plugins for social media sharing are briefly described below:

Sociable: Sociable, places social bookmarking site buttons below every post allowing easy submission of vote for the posts by the readers. This plugin allows selecting buttons that you want.

Share This: Similar to Sociable, this plugin also allows to ad buttons for social bookmarking sites below the posts for easy voting. However, button cannot be selected by the users but the button colors can be changed to match the blog theme. This plugin also provides tracking reports.

Antisocial: Just opposite to Sociable, the “Antisocial” plugin helps in putting nofollow tags to those links which point towards the social media sites and still it allows in harnessing the link juice, which is good for the purpose of SEO.

Notable: It is just like Sociable which allows adding buttons below the blog posts for social bookmarking sites.

Gregarious: This plugin helps in promoting the blog posts to, Reddit, Digg and others. It also has a number of features to help the users to customize the plugin according to their needs.

I Love Social Bookmarking: This plugin has a dropdown menu which allows the users to select the social media site according to their choice and then place a vote for the blog post. This helps in reducing the number of icons on a blog.

Add to Any Bookmark Button: This plugin allows the users to bookmark a page by choosing a bookmark manager of their choice by creating a simple bookmark button.

Digg This: Compared to any other social media site, Digg holds the potential of sending high traffic in a very short span of time. This WordPress plugin helps you to place a button on the pages of your blog and thereby help the users to digg your postings easily.

AddToAny: This is a small plugin which allows bookmarking, sharing and emailing the posts as well as pages to websites like Twitter, Facebook,, Google Buzz, Digg and many other popular sharing and bookmarking sites.

SphinnIt Button: Sphinn is known for targeting the search-related topics and internet marketing. The SphinnIt Button helps the users to easily Sphinn the postings of your blog with the help of a simple button.

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