The Top 4 WordPress Plugins for Podcasting

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Podcasting is often used as a major tool by people to reach the targeted traffic on the Web. It can be used for informational content, instructional material, promotion and interviews, news coverage and commentaries and much more. There are a number of popular the WordPress plugins for WordPress.

The top 4 WordPress plugins for podcasting are briefly described below:

Podpress: This plugin helps in automatic feed generation for iTunes, auto generation of the enclosure tags, viewing ID3 Tags of MP3 files when posting and also allows adding the ID3 data to the posts titles as well as content. It also allows controlling position of the player within the post and has support for different formats including video podcasting. The plugin also has automatic media player for different formats like FLV, MOV, MP4, MP3 and many more and has both popup window and inline support. It also provides a preview of the podcast for iTunes and helps in linking podcasts within iTunes. This fully featured plugin for WordPress is also known for providing the statistics for downloads and hence, the bloggers can stay informed about the number of downloads.

Podcast Release: This is a very handy plugin for those bloggers who use podcast on their WordPress blog. This plugin helps in creating a “Podcast Release Page” on the site which comes with a feature of “Release Text (customizable)” for acceptance by the blog guests. Podcasters conducting interviews will find this plugin very helpful. The plugin also helps in getting the necessary permission from the people releasing the podcasts without the risk of infringing Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright.

iPodCatter: This plugin helps the podcasters in creating valid feed for the podcast directory of iTunes and also allows them to specify the iTunes:explicit tags as well as iTune:duration on the basis of per episode. The iTunes tags can be set via “options>WP-iPodCatter Panel”.

Odeo: This podcasting plugin allows audio content recording and once done, this plugin allows creating an area for the podcast and generates the embedded code for the content recorded. This plugin allows recording of any format of audio content.

Podcasting is one of the most widely used tools used for promotion on the internet. These podcasting plugins help the bloggers to post podcasts on their blogs with simple and intuitive user interface without the need of high end technical knowledge like the professionals.

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