The Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Email List

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For bloggers who are geared up with the motive of making money must have mailing lists. This is one of the best sales mechanisms which can be used by the bloggers. However, it is necessary to set up a mailing list and make necessary arrangements. Here are the 5 most popular WordPress plugins for mailing lists that can be used by the bloggers.

WP Autoresponder and Newsletter Plugin: This is a free plugin which sets up a mailing list from within a blog. There are a number of features which are pretty helpful. The plugin allows the inclusion of custom subscription form, schedule emails and more. This plugin works independently and hence, it never uses any third party plugins like Aweber or Mailchimp. If you have a blog, you can use your own mail server to send out emails. However, you need to remember that you should refrain yourself from spamming.

Sendit: This plugin comes in two versions – the basic and the pro. The basic version is free and allows the bloggers to send newsletters in XHTML format. To use all the features of the plugin, bloggers will have to purchase this plugin.

ALO EasyMail Newsletter: This plugin is similar to WP Autoresponder and Newsletter Plugin but has some additional features. This plugin is capable of pulling out blog posts to be sent as newsletters or you can easily customize the same with the text of your choice. It is always better to use some different and unique text (and not the blog posts) so that the readers can have a reason to not only read the newsletter but also visit the blog.

MailChimp Widget: This plugin will allow you to integrate your blog with Mailchimp Email List system which is a paid service. Mailchimp has free versions as well which can be used by bloggers who deal with very light mailing lists. These free versions have limited functionalities and in order to unlock the full potential, the bloggers will have to pay.

Aweber Integration: This is a small plugin which will allow the bloggers to use Aweber to send emails to their mailings lists. However, the bloggers will have to pay Aweber to use this service.

There are few other WordPress plugins for mailing lists however; the above mentioned 5 plugins are the best available plugins. Though some of them are paid services, you will definitely not mind spending some bugs because of the nature of services that they provide.

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