The Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Search Engine Optimization

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WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms available. The reason why WordPress has gained so much popularity is that, there are hundreds of plugins available which allow the users to customize their WordPress sites as per their requirement. There are a number of plugins available for Search Engine Optimization as well. However, the top 5 plugins which are widely recommended are mentioned below:

All-in-One SEO Pack: Armed to features like Meta data, auto page titling, management of navigational link, avoiding duplicate content problems and more, this plugin is a must have for those who use WordPress. Not only easy and user friendly for the beginners, this plugin has the ability to start functioning immediately and helps even the expert SEO specialists to revamp their SEO approach.

SEO Smart Links: It is a well known fact that if blog or website pages are interlinked properly, it can have a positive impact on SEO. This plugin is designed for identifying the search terms within a website and then interlinking them with the relevant content or pages.

Google XML Sitemaps: You must learn one thing that Google, Bing and Yahoo! love those sites which have well structured sitemaps. Sitemaps help in proper indexing. This WordPress plugin creates XML sitemaps on its own and whenever a new content is created, the plugin informs the same to the search engines. The plugin also helps in automatically creating priority for the blog posts based on the number of comments received and thereby helps in reducing time required in manually adjusting them.

Redirection: Websites are evolving one after the other. Pages are being changed and contents are being removed. The end result is that often at times, organic searches lead to 404 error pages (Not Found error). Unfortunately, from a website’s perspective 404 is not good! Search engines do not like this resulting in a decline in page rank. It is because of this, Redirection plugin for WordPress becomes extremely handy. It helps in redirecting the pages so that URLs don’t end up with 404 Not Found errors.

SEO Friendly Images: Alt tags for images are very important for SEO. Very often people forget to use alt tags for the images in their blogs and websites. Alt tags help in improving the keyword density and hence alt tags are very important. This plugin helps in filling the Title and Alt attribute for images without alt tags.

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