The Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Tracking

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There are several WordPress plugins which help the bloggers to track and monitor the traffic to their blog along with the activities of the users. These plugins also help the bloggers to monitor the source of traffic to their blogs.

The top 5 WordPress plugins for tracking are briefly described below: Stats: This plugin allows reusing the API along with Google Analytics. The plugin is capable of providing useful information like top posts and pages for different periods of time, the source of traffic (referrers), keywords used in organic search queries to find your blog, the links which were clicked in any given content and also, the plugin displays the list of all incoming links etc. This plugin is maintained by the core team of WordPress and hence, the plugin is always updated so that it remains compatible with all the versions of WordPress.

Google Analytics For WordPress: The WordPress plugin for Google Analytics helps in automatically segmenting and tracking links to author comments, blogroll links, links in the comments field, all outbound links from a blog post and all downloads. In addition to the above mentioned functions, this plugin also allows to track search queries for images, adding additional search engines and tracking the AdSense clicks.

StatCounter: This is a very powerful WordPress plugin which integrates all the features of StatCounter required to track the statistics of the WordPress blog.

Feeds Stats For WordPress: This is a powerful plugin for WordPress users. This allows the users to check the feed stats for FeedBurner and this can be done from within the admin interface of WordPress. Once the plugin is installed, the “Dashboard” of your WordPress blog will display a “Feed Stats” page which will allow the users to read the feeds stats. The following statistics are displayed by the plugin: hits, subscribes, item views, item clickthroughs and reach.

Visitor Maps and Who’s Online: This plugin helps in tracking visitor maps along with city, pins and country. There is also a sidebar which displays the number of users who are online. There is an admin dashboard for “Who’s Online” which includes the following information: IP address, online time, state, city, country, the page being viewed by the visitors, geological maps and others.

It is necessary for bloggers to stay informed. This helps the bloggers to make all the necessary changes to the blog to improve the results in organic search.

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