The Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Video Embedding

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Bloggers often look for powerful video tools for blogging. This is because of the fact that videos play a crucial role in popularizing the content. There are some popular WordPress plugins which help in creating audio-visual impacts which help in driving traffic to the blogs. The top 7 WordPress video plugins are briefly described below;

Anarchy Media Player: This media player plugin helps in playing any href link to Quicktime, flv, MP3, MP4, MOV, m4a, m4v, m4b, 3GP, AVI, WMV, ASF files on Web page in appropriate player. The plugin adds buttons to Rich Text Editor for embedding Director dcr and Flash swf along with Google Video, iFilm, YouTube, Rewer, DailyMotion, Metacafe, Apple iTunes iMix, GoEar and MySpace players.

Easy Inline SWF: This WordPress plugin helps to insert Flash video without the requirement of inserting weird tags within the posts or even setting Flash dimensions. The plugin allows inserting Flash content within the WordPress blog pages and posts. It also detects the default size of the Flash automatically. It has support for uncompressed and compressed SWF files. SWF files can be uploaded through the upload panel of the WordPress posts and even from other sites.

SeeTheFace: This is yet another WordPress plugin which can be used by bloggers who want to record videos and then upload the same. With this plugin, Web interaction becomes easy and simple and text blogs can be easily converted to video blogs.

wordTube: This is yet another great plugin for WordPress. It has support for streaming videos like flv and swf. It also supports MP3 sound files and graphics files like JPG, PNG and GIF. When wordTube is installed the video, audio and the graphics files can be inserted in a blog as playlist [PLAYLIST not found] or with tag [MEDIA not found]. The WYSIWYG mode is not required to change and no special HTML knowledge is required for inserting tags. A complete playlist can also be shown using this plugin.

TubePress: This plugin helps in reliable and faster feed transfer through improved HTTP subsystem for transport. The CSS or JS of the TubePress can be selectively loaded by the WordPress users. This embedded player is capable of working on virtually any device which has HTML5 and Flash support and at the same time, it also allows searching Vimeo or YouTube without the need to leaving the site.

There are a few more video embedding plugins available for WordPress but these are the best in business!

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