The Top 6 WordPress Plugins for CMS

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CMS helps in maintaining the websites and updating the content of the websites. From SEO point of view, CMS plays a crucial role in optimizing the websites for organic searches. There are several CMS plugins for WordPress.

The top 5 WordPress plugins for CMS are briefly described below:

Cforms II: Cforms II is a plugin for creating contact forms. This is the best plugin for this job and this mainly because it can be configured by the users. Literally anything can be built within it with ease. Options like wedding list, forms employment application and more. A built in protection for spam is provided through question and answers as well captcha.

Google Sitemap Generator: The fun factor about of WordPress is that you do not need to actually create a sitemap manually. The Google Sitemap Generator helps in automatically creates a comprehensive sitemap and submits the same to Google, Yahoo!, and MSN Live. Every time the content is updated, the sitemap is also updated and the search engines are informed. This provides boost to SEO.

WP e-Commerce: This is again the best plugin in its category without any strong competition. It comes with an easily manageable storefront as well as shopping cart. It is to be properly installed with WordPress and it is capable of selling digital downloads. This particular feature is a great feature for authors, musicians and photographers. The plugin also has PayPal support.

Subscriber2: This is a newsletter plugin for WordPress sites. The plugin helps in managing subscribes and creating newsletters within the Dashboard. The plugin also has the feature of mailing the readers whenever a new post is posted and this helps you to keep a permanent copy of the newsletter that can be easily referred to the readers.

Page Links To: This is the simplest CMS plugin that is available. This allows the creation of “pages” linking to “something else”. This plugin allows link addition to the main menu without changing the codes. Since external links can be added, it becomes a handy tool for the bloggers. Additionally, the plugin can also be used to link to different page segments instead of linking to the entire pages.

TinyMCE Advanced: This plugin helps in adding classes to tables, images and blackquotes. This helps in creating tables which work perfectly WordPress postings.

There are many more CMS plugins which help in customizing the WordPress sites and are extremely helpful in terms of SEO. However, the above mentioned plugins are the best that can be used by every WordPress users.

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