Can You Guess What’s In The Box? A Little Lesson About Getting A JOB & Your Quest To Become A Successful Home Business Entrepreneur

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As if you’re reading this post then there is a 99% probability that you’re already sold on the idea that being a successful home business entrepreneur is a WWAAYY better idea than having a “Regular JOB” for the rest of your life.

And my guess is that you’ve probably also been sold on the idea that the word “JOB” is actually an acronym meaning “Just Over Broke“… am I right?

Well today, I’m here to not only give you a slightly different take on the whole “jobs” thing.. but also show you a GREAT method for actually finding a job!

So… were you able to guess what was in the box?

Well, whether or not your guess was right, I certainly hope you found today’s post helpful, and I hope you really take to heart what I had to say about having/finding a job.

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To YOUR Success,
Devon Brown 🙂

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  1. 3:46 pm on March 20, 2013

    It is a golf club……………………


  2. 4:38 pm on March 20, 2013

    Nice video. Guess there is a differnce i AMERICANS AND Canadians. I’m 61, and over the last decade or so that is how we were shown in revamping resumes, along with reference examples. It does work.

  3. 5:16 pm on March 20, 2013


    Excellent description on how to read job requirements wanted by employer &

    determine that you qualify. If qualified, how to write your cover letter &apply.

    Thank you

    carl stifter

  4. Hi Devon,

    I really enjoyed this video and all of your videos that you post. I am finally glad to hear someone say that a JOB is not bad. You do need income coming in to support yourself as you are trying to get yourself established with your own home based business. Thanks for the tips on what to do to make yourself stand out when applying for a job. Great job.

  5. Great tips Devon…. Send Rick my contact info, maybe I can help him out.

    Rick Dearr

  6. I always enjoy your comments, I will continue to build my list until I am able to quit my J.O.B.



  7. That’s fantastic !! Would not ever have guessed what was in the box
    He is worth keeping on a list !!

  8. Hello Devon,

    I currently work full time while trying to build a online business, with the goal of replacing my job income so as to be able to work from home in my online endeavors.

    Couple weeks ago I acme across a struggling marketer in a forum posing the question of whether they should get a job because their NWM business was no producing any income…

    I along with other’s on the form gently encouraged dude to get a job quick, fast and in a hurry…

    As we stated man, if you’ve got bills to pay today, you can’t wait until God knows when until you start making money from your NWM biz…

    It would seem quite obvious to me…Biz making no money, get a job until it does….

    Also big ups to Rick for finding a way to stand out from the crowd…

    Wish more people on Face Book would learn better (stand out with value) and stop with all the in your face spamming…

    Thanks for caring and sharing.

    Willie Robertson

  9. 7:06 pm on March 20, 2013

    I must tell you Devon, I honestly can’t remember how I got on your list, but every time I get an email from you, I pay attention.
    Your videos are right on, and although I have been trying to make it online, I still go to a job.
    I did focus one time back in 2011, and promoted Chris Farrell’s “Chris Mentor Me” and offered rebates, and cleared about $3000! So, I proved to myself that it can be done!

    I am getting close to 62 years old now, and I am determined to NOT try and live off of Social Security!
    Keep the videos coming…I will watch… and maybe I can boast about you one day soon.

    I watched this video, and saw there were no comments…so I had to be first!

    Peoples! Listen to Devon! He is telling you the truth and the whole truth!

    Keep on keeping on!

  10. 10:32 pm on March 20, 2013

    Devon: That was an exciting video. I encourage all to get a job to finance themselves while building an online business. I was 69 last year when I retired from the legal field, after 50+ years as a Paralegal. I noticed I was slowing down and my mind was just not fast enough to keep up with the heavy load. And, I admired my two attorneys so much, that I couldn’t stand to have them see me slipping.

    Now, I joined webcopycat and enjoy getting emails from you. You are fun and a great mind that I enjoy. Nonetheless, I am raising my 13 year old granddaughter on my social security. Money to finance my online work is just not there. I feel it might be close at hand, Consistently, consistently, consistently, learned from Devon, I know I will succeed.

    Just say I concur with Devon. Keep working till you can support yourself online.

    Dee Moynier

  11. Darn I was close I thought it was like a fancy chair leg, lol -.-

    Great vid though, thank you Devon!

  12. 8:32 am on March 21, 2013

    Excellent points,well made. I wish I’d had those ideas way back when I was hiring people back when I was learning, instead, how to to go b.r.o.k.e!! …… old story, old history
    History …. = Hi Story. Ok, mine was a low story instead. But this is Not a whinge, or a whine. I learned sooooooo much after that – but still managed to go out financially backwards – that’s why I just Have to succeed …. I Have to; and I surely will. …. Chris B.

  13. 9:29 am on March 21, 2013

    Honestly Devon I am shocked!! As An Entrepeneur and businessman you know how often promotion and creativity in one package comes out the blue and falls into your lap. Did you return the favor by showing him the opportunities you have available. As always, great presentation. J.O.B… mindset, attitude, is everything. It’s how we wish to perceive the choices we make to utilize the time given us.

  14. Hey Devon!

    Man thank you so much… you just gave me a breakthrough and a great lesson/advice!

    This exactly thing was keeping me thinking round and round but finally, you put an end to that.

    I’ll keep my job ’till I have my Online Business fully loaded!!!


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