The TRUTH About Money

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Have you ever heard (or thought) that if you just buy this ONE PRODUCT, then you’ll FINALLY be able to make money?

Or, have you ever heard (or thought) that if you just learn this ONE THING, then you’ll FINALLY be able to make money??

Well, there’s a FUNDAMENTAL mistake in thinking that way because the TRUTH of the matter is that money is a byproduct of ______ not _________.

Watch the video below to find out what the “blanks” are!



Did you have fun watching that?

Was I able to drive the lesson home?

I certainly hope so 🙂

Feel free to leave a comment below and let everyone know what you thought.

To YOUR Success,
Devon Brown

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  1. 1:25 pm on January 9, 2012

    Great Post! I’m going to get knee deep in some doo doo right now!


  2. Devon, Could you please sell me a digital “get rich quick” download which I can transmit straight to my brain without any reading or watching or learning? You know like Neo in the Matrix.

    Now that would sell like crazy!

  3. Hi Devon,

    I strongly believed you should consider going to another Niche. (SELF-IMPROVEMENT)

    You motivate and inspire people with your sexy move. Haha

    Ya, Take Action. 🙂

  4. 2:42 pm on January 9, 2012

    I’ve been one of the “knowledge” people you talked about. The things I’ve learned about i.m. in the past 4 yrs. could literally fill a good sized book. I haven’t made any money from it all though, and I got to thinking about that the other day as a matter of fact, and wondering what the problem is.
    After a lot of self-searching I realized that I’m “afraid” to actually do what needs doing…afraid I may actually start making money. Why does this scare me? Because I am collecting SSI as I’m disabled and can’t work a regular job. It isn’t much. It pays my bills and that’s about it, but it’s a type of “security” for me. Whatever money I make over $1000 a month has to be reported, and I’m afraid that if I do get lucky and actually make that much, my “security” will be taken from me.
    The nightmare is that the money I make in i.m. is a fluke and the next month I’ll be dead broke and out on the street! I know this is a crazy way to look at things, and I don’t offer this story to you as an excuse, by any means. I just wanted to get this out there because I wonder how many others have these same kinds of fears and are letting the fear hold them back from trying?
    I’m sorry that my comment is so long! LOL! Thanks for letting me vent though.
    Sue 🙂

  5. 4:15 pm on January 9, 2012

    Hi! Devon, you have helped me save $1997 dollars and some … with your call to action.

    Good Blessings all round.

  6. 8:12 pm on January 9, 2012

    I love your videos, they are straight to the point and I recogize myself, buying and reading alone doesn’t make you money, I need to take action…..although it all seems so overwelming! I understand it all, but with all the products I bought, I don’t know where and with what to start! I am not a computer wizzard which makes it even worse.
    Anyway, thanks for your videos they are very inspiring!

  7. 11:06 pm on January 9, 2012

    You are really telling a hard truth here. The problem I have had is sometimes is they reply to my problems with the wrong answer or something that has nothing to do with my question.

  8. Yo ! Devon ! Your Cuban Brother Here ……Ha Ha..

    Really ? Dollar Bills ….Come on Man Show Me The $30,000 in Hundreds……Ha !
    Listen on a serious Note I Really enjoy your videos Man They are SuperCool and
    Honest with Motivating Success Tips. Also for mi Lady Sue STOP doubting Yourself
    Take it all the way to $900 to be on the safe side; and its STILL better than $ 0.00
    Right ? Ok Then . Thanks

  9. Hi Devon,

    Great video as always, I’ve only just got around to watching it as yesterday I was rebuilding one of my websites which took all day (although I have to admit I do find that stuff enjoyable)

    I have to agree, knowledge will never make you money, only applied knowledge ever does that, so when you attain the knowledge, to make any income from it you have to put it into action disregarding everything else until the task is complete.

    Obviously their will always be tasks that we find challenging but you have to get them done as they are a component of the “system” that will eventually make your income, problem is most just think they have to do everything themselves and when they hit a bump in the road, they just get stuck and find it extremely difficult to proceed.

    Sure you do have to get everything done, but who says it has to be you doing every task, most people look at outsourcing and say “I can’t afford that!” but you can when you really think about it.

    We are all different and what you find challenging, someone else will see it as extremely easy so look at what you Are really good at and then look for the people who find it challenging and offer to do it for them for a price, that will then allow you to pay others to do the tasks you are having trouble with.

    Hope this helps

  10. 7:47 am on January 10, 2012

    Interesting advice.
    I wish you continued success with your lap dancing! ha ha, just joking.

  11. 8:32 am on January 10, 2012

    To Sue,
    Thank you for sharing. I am the exact same way with regards to fear. I’m smart, capable and charismatic, but none of that quiets the doubting beast in my mind. Like you, I’ve had the knowledge for several years and have not been able to accomplish much monetarily. The coolest thing is that it’s never too late. I appreciate your comment and identify with your struggle. I’ll leave you with two thoughts:

    Someone said (I’d hate to misquote), “In the end, what you think, know, or believe is of little consequence, the only thing that matters is what you do.
    Eleanor Roosevelt said “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.”

    Take care Sue, & Thanks for the insight Devon

  12. Fantastic Information !! I appreciate your information.

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