This Guy Is PISSED At Me

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Hey Everyone,

Today, I’d like to introduce you to someone who is TOTALLY PISSED at me! His name is Bob & apparently, I’m not “giving him the chance” to make money on the internet!


Watch the video to get the full story!

So, here’s a copy of the ACTUAL EMAIL That Bob Sent Me:

Strangely Enough, I got this blog comment from a guy named Barrie (who happens to have purchased the exact same system that Bob did).

So… what are your thoughts?

To YOUR Success
Devon Brown 🙂

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  1. Great video! I have come across the same type of people.. and I won’t explain since I feel the same way you do. Oh man there are people that just don’t have a clue and when they fail because we didn’t do it for them the accuse us to be scammers.. Oh man! It’s funny to me but I know you and I alike do like to help people and try to give others a proven method to make money online.

    Have a great weekend Devon,

    Jason Rogers

  2. Hey Devon.

    This is the same story that I’ve seen as a recruiter of commission based salespeople over a decade of recruiting. When they’re successful, they talk about how great they are, how much their efforts have paid off, and everything is about them. But, when they are unsuccessful, I’ve rarely seen anyone take responsibility for their actions – or lack of them. They usually blame everything under the sun. Usually, I was at the top of that blame list for either not training them well enough, not encouraging them enough, not supplying them with enough information, not checking in on them enough, or whatever. Regardless, I had never done enough.

    I always felt like we’re all adults here and if they wanted more help, more encouragement, more training, then they should be adult enough to simply ask for it. Those that asked always got it – and many of them went on to be successful. It’s not your job as a coach, or my job as a recruiter, to hold their hand every step of the way (unless they ask for it) and even then, they’ve got to turn loose of your hands occasionally and fail to learn. Reminds me of the line in Batman where Bruce Wayne’s Dad says, “Bruce, why do we fall.” and Bruce answers, “To learn to get up again.”. Well, if you never fall, you’re probably not doing anything which means you’ll never accomplish anything. There are tons of mindless drones in the workforce doing just that every day – trading hours for dollars.

    When I help my 4 YO learn to ride her bike, occasionally, I’ve got to turn loose of the bike so she can either ride it herself or fall while trying. She gets back up and says “Do it again Dad.” She knows that’s the only way she’ll be able to learn to ride without training wheels. If I held on to her bike and never let her go, pretty soon, I’m holding on to a teenager’s bike to help her stay up.

    Now, working with local businesses, I get the same blame game going sometimes. If a particular campaign that they take on doesn’t work, they start blaming me. O.K. I’ll take those hits, but ultimately, they need to work with us to learn what worked and what didn’t so we can modify the next campaign. That’s what it’s all about – learning what works and what doesn’t – so we don’t repeat some of the same mistakes over and over.

    Have a great weekend Devon.

    • 11:57 am on June 24, 2011

      James… I was in commission based sales for years and I 100% agree and feel where you are coming from.

  3. 12:00 pm on June 24, 2011

    Hey Devon. I read both messages about the guy who is pissed off at you and the guy who seems to have a more level head when it comes to becoming an Internet marketer. Truth be told I have bought several products and services claiming that anyone can become successful using what they are selling, even with little or no effort.

    I have become wise to these claims and will immediately move away from any site advertising these claims. If you want to be successful you have to be willing to be taught, listen, work hard and persevere through any challenges that come up. I strongly believe it is time to change tactics when selling a product or service. No more claims that anyone can do it. No more claims about how much money you will make using a certain product or service. Time to be truthful and tell it like it is. Internet marketing is not easy anymore. Internet marketing is still a very viable means of making money and lots of it but you have to work at it.



  4. 12:03 pm on June 24, 2011


    I feel sorry for Bob. It is like he is at a basketball game sitting in the top (nose bleed) section and blaming everyone else for the fact that HE did not make a basket and win the game. Winning the game is hard enough, but to do it when you are not even (actually) playing the game.

    You can not throw a ball at the court (put up a website), without knowing how to dribble or shoot for the basket (drive traffic), and expect to score points (make a sale).

    Like Bob, there are a lot of people that actually believe they should be able to win the game while sitting in the stands. The thing that makes me sad for them is the fact that they do not even know that is what they are doing.

    On behalf of all of us who are trying to learn how to play the game on the court, in the game, doing the work, thank you for this and all of your videos!

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Hello Devon,
    I too have not made any money .I would like to know why.
    What am I dong wrong.The complaints that Bob had are the same for me.
    I had tech problems because I didn’t
    know how to do some things to get the website up.
    I did get help as I paid for you to help me, since then I have had no success in getting sign ups.
    I am ready to quit also.
    When I have tested my website address I have had problems with it.I don’t know why.
    I need help or I need to stop my subscription before I waste more money.

    • 12:34 pm on June 24, 2011

      Marlyne… I had my assistant check our customer support logs and she said we have not had any correspondence from you since July 2010. This is the attitude I am speaking about. If you need help… just ask and no you don’t need to pay for it! That is a ridiculous statement in itself. My assistant will be following up with you.

  6. 12:25 pm on June 24, 2011


    Bob is a “give me, I deserve” type like the one’s that, instead of helping during a disaster, their stealing TV’s and rioting. Just consider the type he is.

    When I bought your “birthday gift” (sorry no Lola), I lost power for a week and a half, I didn’t blame you because I recieved nothing, it was just an act of God. I moved on, I still watch your videos and get alot from them.

    No I did not expect to get my money back, and when I didn’t have anything in my inbox, well something got messed up, or crost up, be cause I was charged, but I know if you’d gotten it,(I checked with my card holder they couldn’t find who got it) debit card, so I was just out the money, BUT that wasn’t your fault. I’m slowly figuring things out from your free videos, thank you for doing them.

    I make a hundred or so besides expenses, so you must have something awesome in what I missed out on, just don’t stop your freebies because on disability, right now thats all I can afford.

    Just wanted to let you know that even with nothing but your videos I’m slowing getting there, and I will make it.

    Again thank you, and God bless you for your giving of your knowledge and time, something more presious than gold.

  7. Devon,

    I think I love you.
    You are such a straight shooter.

    I truly hope that Bob watches this
    and appreciates the time you have
    invested here to help him.

    If he can humble himself enough
    to realize that if you didn’t care
    you would not have made this
    video…. then there may actually
    be hope for him.

    I love it!

    Devon, I am proud to call you my
    JV partner and FRIEND!
    Keep Rocking brother!

    P.S. – Way to go Barry!

  8. 12:33 pm on June 24, 2011

    I have been working on the Internet for 3 years now. I understand what you feel when people take it out on you. I am teaching people in Latin America how to be financially independent and all my courses are in Spanish. Some people want to see money right off the bat without learning the most basic things. Some stay in one’s programs, others try for some days and leave and keep on looking for that miracle thing that will make them millionaires. I have realized that you must take time to study and apply your knowledge and it takes time to become a real and effective Internet marketer…it surely takes time, but it pays off in the long run. If it is not hard it is because is not worthy. Keep up the good job and keep on with your work and businesses.


  9. 1:05 pm on June 24, 2011

    Hello Devon,

    Thanks for reading and sharing those two letters with us. I think that you are going straight to the problem head on. My question would be why would you invest 1,000.00 and wait a year later to make contact regarding your situation. That is too much money to wait so long and not request any assistance or support.
    I want to commend you as a young man that is very open, honest, transparent, helpful and fair. You extend yourself far more than most and you are a very good communicator and that is a gift from God. I was drawn to you because you stood out as someone that shared your struggles, pains and your successes. Your story was very relevant, compelling, transparent and helpful. I am a pastor and I am very impressed and thankful for your expertise and genuine desire to help people and it comes accross loud and clear. You are a very blessed and gifted young man with God’s grace upon your life. You will help many people and He will bless your business.
    I purchased a website about a week ago and I am well pleased, but I do need some assistance to get things up and going in the right direction. I am a novice in this internet field. So please tell me how to obtain the needed assistance to advance forward.
    Devon please continus to do what you do because you are helping a lot of people and I am one of them. I feel very safe and encouraged by you and your support system so keep up the good work. Thank you for being open, honest, and real.

    Kingdom Blessings
    James Randolph

  10. Hey Bob!
    Go after Devon. Of COURSE he’s a cheat and Gangsta! You can set up a website called and start driving traffic to it using Devon’s own methods against him. THEN you can link to affiliate providers like “I-hate-(fill in the blank).com and others who will give you half their profits if you sell their Uzis, mine detonators, and grenades. I hear there is a BIG market for these items. You could then get rich AND take revenge on Mr. Devon Brown… Then you’ll build a HUGE mailing list . . . of FBI and ATF agents.

    Puck said it so eloquently “What Fools these mortals be!”

    That’s Shakespeare, Bob. Go back to sleep.

  11. 1:48 pm on June 24, 2011

    Unfortunately Devon, there are so many people online who thinks that purchasing a product online and then create a website think it happens overnight without doing anything but the two that I mentioned. Well, you as well as everyone knows that it takes a lot more than that to make money online. You can’t just plunk a website online and expect to make money without working hard to make it work. Besides there is always a refund policy with almost product you purchase online and yours most absolutely have it. But, you know people don’t read, but boy do they expect miracles.

    From experience, if you buy a product, work the system, learn and read other ways of marketing your business online, you can make money, but you have to do the work. The person you bought it from is sharing their experience and expertise but they can’t do it for you. Bob, assumed buying your product without doing the work thought he could make a ton of money. Did Bob follow your system? Did he bother to market his website? Did Bob read about the 30 day refund? Me think not.

    So, I say to you Devon, more power to you for creating this video and continue to do just what you’re doing, creating products that help a multitude of people with small businesses online!

  12. Hi,Devon I can under stand with bob in not making money, because I have no luck eather.That does not right for me to call you a scam!. when I started doing Internet marketing I was scammed for a LARGE amount of money. Remember when you cry ed when you started. well bob need to under stand it’s a dodge dog world and we are all trying to do good. I have learn to listen more and not to by all the stuff out there. So I can not blame you Devon for my bad luck,because I use ,bloging ppc, reports,all the above and I have to keep trying to make a buck. If I did not like the job when I got scammed I should have quite then,but try and try agen to servive and not to blame you or any other person that have more success than me. I,m Broke but every day you can find me behind the computer trying to make it some day! Good Luck Henry Losiewicz

  13. I think this dude is pissed because he wanted to buy one of those Rotisserie Chicken cookers! You know the one’s with the motto “Set It, And Forget It!”

  14. 4:34 pm on June 24, 2011

    Hi Devon,

    Your answer and your attitude are both correct.

    However, I also understand what the other side of the coin is.

    We write sales pages with the objective of getting sales. So, out of thousands of words, we only throw in a few that “complete the picture”. I’ve been in marketing for about 50 years and have been as guilty as anyone else, because one must do what works.

    Here’s the few pertinent words from your sales page, (cut and pasted):

    “We’ll teach you the most effective FREE methods to get targeted traffic to your sites fast!

    We’ll even give you access to our secret traffic generation company that will drive traffic for you – A completely hands-off traffic generation solution at prices that are so low they’ll blow your mind.”

    Most hungry buyers won’t even see these words. And, if they do, their meaning will be misunderstood. They’ll buy without realizing that they either must learn and do the methods, or buy traffic from a company. Otherwise, there’s no success available.

    I’ve always been uncomfortable with knowing that buyers won’t realize that they’re not getting perpetual motion until after the purchase. Does my conscience make me a bad marketer?

    No, it just makes me the same as the others. Doing what has to be done in order to get conversions.

    I also never liked the MLM and networking concept of telling people that they don’t have to “sell” anything. Just “share” it. And then, following that up with hard hitting sales training to see who survives.

    I put a lot of thought and effort into finding a way to sell without violating my personal ethics, and so far, this is what I’ve come up with:

    When asked something like: “Can I make money on the internet?”

    My knee-jerk response to this jerky question is: “NO.”

    When their response is: “But, you don’t know me….”

    My follow up is: “Maybe not well, but here’s what I DO know. If you have to ask that question, the answer is: NO, you can’t do it.”

    I then pick the person up off the floor, and explain that there’s no free lunch. That they would have to change their attitude first. That they need to get some education, and some tools, and then make the EFFORT to make money using that education and those tools.

    Some folks understand and some don’t. Those who understand can bring themselves to a point where they have a good shot at success.

    Those who don’t just have to continue life as employees. Or, in this economy, maybe just stay unemployed.

    When I was growing up, (a long time ago), mothers in my neighborhood all taught their kids that “The world doesn’t owe you a living”. It’s still true, but I haven’t heard anyone say it in decades.

    Maybe marketers should all band together to tell people to grow up before they become entrepreneurs.

  15. 5:17 pm on June 24, 2011

    he cant make you look bad Devon as he cant get any traffic for any one to see his website LOMA

  16. Excuse my French please, but I think that Bob has his head up his ass.

  17. 11:46 pm on June 24, 2011

    I don’t think Bob knows if he ever wants to have success he will fail many times before he will see success!

  18. Hi Devon,

    I have to say I feel for Bob, when we all start out we see a stunning website that tells us how we too can become successful at Internet marketing and it details a lifestyle that is so compelling we can almost taste it.

    The problem is most just see the website and think it’s all that’s needed and forget how they got there, so going on what they see before them, focus on the Internet part forgetting about the Marketing part which is the crucial bit that actually generates the income.

    You ask, considering Bob and Barrie both received the same material, how is it that they experienced different results, well the reason is Aptitude, we know going on their results that Barrie has it to a degree, but Bob might not or maybe not to the same extent.

    Devon, you mentioned you come from a marketing background with ten years experience but still initially struggled when you started so had to learn those extra skills before seeing success and ten years earlier probably didn’t know anything about marketing either, but you got the job not because you had the ability, it was because your interviewer(s) saw you had a natural aptitude to be able to learn it.

    Most people who fail at Internet marketing feel there’s a piece of the puzzle missing and that is the case but it isn’t that the training material is incomplete, it’s their aptitude in being able to understand and implement it, a bit like the professor teaching math to the student who doesn’t possess the aptitude for the subject, as the teacher has the aptitude he sees the equation an his brain make sense of it immediately where as the student in frustration just sees a bunch of random numbers.

    And most people who have an aptitude for something are born with it so never knowing any different think that everyone else must have been born with it too so see people who lack that same aptitude as stupid but theirs could just be for something else.

    So my advise to Bob is find what you have an aptitude for and learn as much as you can about that then outsource the rest, if you can’t afford to outsource it then find others with the skills required and propose a JV, after all Bono is a brilliant song writer, a fairly good singer and guitarist, but what makes him exceptional is being in U2.

  19. 2:43 pm on June 25, 2011

    is bobs traffic targeted to is offer as he setup is system right they can be a lot of thing that is not right put you can’t not say it’s Devon system.

  20. Hi Devon,

    Thinking on the last post I made I realize I was focusing on Bob’s situation which I do empathize with but unfortunately I failed to include my thoughts on your reasons for including it on your blog in the first place.

    So I have to add that him ripping into you and accusing you of being a scam artist is way out of line and could not be further from the truth, all of your videos you post on this blog that all us readers get to see at not cost shows that, as you said he only needed to ask for your help and you would have put him back on track.

    So on my advise to Bob I should add that although I understand where his frustration is coming from, he should first search for an aptitude to develop the ability to ask for help before he gives up and starts slandering people.

  21. 4:38 pm on June 25, 2011

    Hi Devon

    I think this is my first time expressing my self here but I just couldn´t hold back. I´ve been doing Internet marketing for 3 years now and for two and a half of them I had nothing to show for it but allot of time and money spent. Then few months back I took a tip that you mentioned in one of your video and sort of ran with it, built around it and made it into a WSO to sell on the Warrior forum.

    2 things happened.

    No. 1
    I made my first money online and sales started to come in. I was a pretty happy camper for few days. Then….

    No. 2
    I got a buyer writing on my thread that my product sucked and he tried it and didn´t make any money and I was just a scammer and so on.

    I felt like my world had just come down on me and I started to doubt my product and everything I was doing. Although this was the only complaint I had received. I pulled the WSO, closed the tread and seriously thought about quitting IM.

    Thankfully I didn´t. And after seeing a video from you where you went to some IM convention and talked to some guys making huge money. I saw that they all had the same thing to say “BUILD A E-MAIL LIST”. So I shifted my focus from creating products and websites into list building. Now I have around 2000 subscribers and growing. I´m making about $30 a day. That doesn´t sound like much but it´s a start and it´s also growing.

    So you see, that I have you to thank for all my success and it all came from free advice.

    I just wanted to say THANKS. And one day I´ll be coming to one of those conventions and I´ll walk up to you and shake your hand, buy you a beer and properly thank you for everything you’re doing and continue to do for all of us that take the time to truly listen. Cause it does matter.

    You´re Icelandic friend
    Karl Reynisson

  22. Most people already go into these programs just to affirm their already defeating mindset that “I’m gonna buy this, but I know this is going to be another scam, and voila, they don’t take action, they don’t learn anything, they literally think “On autopilot” means they never have to lift a finger the rest of their lives and they should be a millionaire in 30 days. I think some personal development needs to be added maybe to the course and make that the first thing they must master and then they can now start putting to action what you are teaching them into I.M.

    Mr. Bob has obviously not really done what he said he has or has tried to re-invent the wheel, got sidetracked, etc.. which we all have done and still do, but take responsibility for God’s sake!

  23. The only thing I can say is…

    I feel sorry for people like Bob… Cause I can tell you that I have learned a lot from you, my man…

    You are the real deal…

    Thanks for all your help…

    Great Job Barry… You are on your way… Just listen to what Devon tells you & you’ll be alright… Trust me on this one…

  24. 6:05 am on June 28, 2011

    During my research phase “shiny objects” I learned about the nonsense and also how to ask for a refund politely. I also got taken by an offline company who plainly lied and in my bright greenery politely contacted Attorney General, US Trade Commission, my bank, etc.
    The products I would never dream of giving away, let alone asking for a refund are yours and anything Tinu. Just the constant barrage of information you gave us for FREE is priceless. A bad product is just that, and when someone buys something and expects it to allow him to make money by doing nothing, I wonder where is your self-worth, your priorities? Then to blame it on Mr. Brown, of all people, we can just be glad we don’t have this unhappy customer’s problems. They are much larger than a few software downloads.
    Thanks for all,
    corrieLyn MCT

  25. I’ve never seen your program, so I’m not gonna write the guy off as just being crazy or cynical. The fact of the matter is — there are a lot of people pushing “make money on autopilot” programs that are nothing more than rehashed, repackaged information from others. There are also lots of people pushing these same programs, who have never made any money in the businesses they’re teaching, instead, the only money they make is by selling the products. Don’t believe me? Just take a trip to the Warrior Forum. Not saying that you’re one of those people, but I’m saying that I’m not gonna trash the guy like everyone else is doing just because you posted his e-mail in an attempt to make him look crazy. His claims may have some validity. Since I don’t know all the facts in the case, I can’t say he’s crazy or that he’s right. But, however, there are lots of scammers in Internet Marketing who are preying on gullible newbies.

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