Using AutoResponders to Generate Revenues and to Achieve Home Business Success

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An autoresponder is a computer program that automatically answers e-mail sent to it. They can be very simple or quite complex. The simplest form of autoresponder is your out of office message on Outlook. Incoming co responders automatically receive a pre-written message that you are away/will be back on the 10th/please contact Bob on … for anything urgent etc. This functionality is useful for Web commerce and autoresponders can be used as part of the revenue generating process. The automatic nature of the program allows you to respond to multi-corresponders around the clock without any manual intervention. This article seeks to introduce autoresponders to anyone interested in ramping up their Internet business activity using these useful programs. The use of autoresponders may just be the thing that takes your business from a small hobby type operation into the ranks of a full blown enterprise which will achieve home business success.

Your first step is to identify any list of contacts you may have in connection with your online activities. You may have a website or blog and will have members to your site. These are contacts which you may choose to use. If you have a social network page with followers or friends then these are also contacts. You are going to need to have a plan in place to increase the number of contacts on your data base (the bigger the better) You do this by having an appealing advert or banner on your site. This will offer something of value to a user for free (an eBook or a chance to win a prize for example). The user clicks on the banner to find out more, is directed to a landing page where he downloads his free book and leaves his contact data to enable you to contact him if he wins the big prize. You now have his details which are stored on the autoresponder database.

You are now in a position to be able to send to your customer a series of messages. Each message will differ from the last one and may contain interesting details about a product of yours. Each message is automatic and is sent in a manner and time interval set up by you in advance. At the bottom of each message include a link to the sales page of your product. Anyone who buys anything on your site is also offered the chance to join up so that they can receive updates, news of exciting new products etc so your list of potential clients constantly expands without any work on your part. I am using one customer in this example but remember you could be processing hundreds of customers around the clock, 365 days a year. A potent thing! The secret is not to stop with one autoresponder sequence. Set up several autoresponders to sell multiple products. Before the customer’s last mail, set him up for another sequence. Be sure to include an unsubscribe link with each message. You want to be a business which is pleasant to deal with, not a nuisance.

If you are interested in using an autoresponder to enhance your business you need to invest in a comprehensive set of how-to lessons from one of the pro’s. This will cost you money but if you find a good course it may just be the best money you ever spend. This information is valuable so finding it for free on the Internet is not easy. You then need to purchase a powerful autoresponder like FireMail which is specifically set up for commerce and will make your marketing campaigns professional, easy to set up and administer. If you have a business with good products and good prospects, harnessing the power of a quality autoresponder is going to result in rapid progress towards achieving home business success.



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