Using Contests and Freebies As Part Of Your Internet Marketing Strategies

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When we’re asked how to get traffic to a website, one of the ways that we tell people that nobody else has is that they should run contests, offer discounts, or even give away freebies. While we can’t answer why most people never think of this idea, we can attest that it works: who doesn’t love free things and discounts?

Freebies As Part Of Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Offering freebies on your website, usually along similar lines as your content material, is a great way to generate web traffic. However, it can also be pretty expensive, and tends to attract people that may not want to come back to your website. But some of them will! A great way to handle free items is to make them yourself. If you run a video game website, a small set of stuffed game characters can work great, or if a baking website, then some baked cookies are awesome too.

Running Contests

Alternatively, a great way to get traffic to a website is by featuring contests. These can be a variety of things: submit a high score in a video game, take the best picture of a baked item, or just about anything you can think of. This works even better if you allow your readers to vote on which entry they think should win. This will keep people coming to your website regularly so they can monitor progress – and that means more traffic, and that means more advertising revenue!

While running contests and giving away things can be both time and labor intensive, they are both great ways to attract people to your website. Why? People love free things, and they love contests! Plus, these are a great way to show your readers that you want to be actively engaged with them, and that’s always a wonderful thing when it comes to generating web traffic.

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