Using Keywords To Maximize Exposure As Part Of Your Internet Marketing Strategy

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When you began putting content on your blog or your website, you doubtless kept search engines in mind, and what types of search strings were going to lead people to it.  What phrases did you use?  Did you piggyback on already-popular search terms, and capitalize on those?  Or is your website or blog so niche that you had only to reference it do bring in the desired number of hits? Keeping similar questions in mind can also help you drive traffic to a website or make money from home using YouTube.

Keywords Should Always Be a Focus of Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Regardless of the tactic you took with your website, the way that you approach marketing your YouTube videos should follow a similar course.  With YouTube videos, you can tag each video that you upload with as many different things as you like, although it’s best to tag them with tags that are relevant to the content of the video.

This is accomplished during the uploading process.  As you wait for your video to upload, simply type a new tag or keyword into the bar, and press comma.  Then type another keyword, and press comma again.  Each time you separate words with a comma, you will have placed another keyword/tag onto your video.

How YouTube Keywords Function

YouTube search and video linking works very similarly to the way that Google searches do – those videos with relevant tags will be placed the highest in search rankings.  Of course, Google keeps the exact formulas very secret and changes them very regularly, so it is likely that tags aren’t the only thing that influences video placement.  Because of this, you should be placing the most important keywords, the ones that your video and your business most closely cling to, in as many places as possible.

Keep in mind that you should also be seeding your profile itself with as many relevant tags as possible.  Not only will this cause your YouTube profile to show up more readily in Google searches, but it will also lead to many more exposures to your content.  This will directly increase traffic to your personal website, which will directly increase the amount of revenue flowing into your pocket.

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