Using Landing Pages to Achieve Home Business Success.

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In online marketing a landing page is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on an advertisement. The landing page will contain sales documentation relating to the advertisement which can be used by the visitor to buy something. Landing pages are often linked to social media services, email campaigns or search engine marketing campaigns in order to enhance the effectiveness of the advertisements. The general goal of a landing page then, is to convert site visitors into sales leads. These pages are used by marketers (via click through rates) to determine the success of an advertisement and to enable them to pay affiliate marketers from whose sites the “click through” came. This article aims to give some guidance about how the landing page may be used by the home based business person to achieve home business success.

The easiest way to achieve home business success using landing pages is by creating a website or blog and joining an affiliate program. I will assume that you are going to create a blog. You are an enthusiast of some activity which has many passionate followers, you know how to write and have experience in the activity. You have strong ideas about how you would like to see the sport and the equipment progress. Let us assume that cycling is your passion. You are the ideal person to be writing a blog. Your international readership could become massive if you produce good content on your blog. Once you start getting a big following you will be in a position to harness the power of landing pages.

You will select a range of things to advertise on your blog. Cyclists are just people and they have needs for cycling related products but also for other things. You have many items you could possibly be advertising to your readers. You can use services such as Copeac, Paydotcom and Click2Sell to find products to promote. Choose a product from one of these sites, click “Promote” under the item and you will be given a URL for this product. Every time someone buys the article via your URL you get paid. You now need to advertise this product on your blog and this is where the advert and landing page come into their own. You want to create an appealing advert for your readers and you may need to enlist the help of a web site designer for this.

This designer will also help with the landing page. He will design it and link the landing page to your new advert. Anyone who clicks on the ad on your blog will be directed immediately to the landing page. The landing page will reflect much of what is in the advert but is the actual page which will become the interface between the new customer and the supplier. You can find a designer on Scriptlance to help you with both your advert and your landing page. The experts will bid for your job on this site and you should have the completed thing in a day or two. Post your new ad (backed by the landing page) onto your site and you will be one step closer to achieving home business success. Monitor the performance of this ad against others you are going to create.

This article illustrates the importance of landing pages in the realm of Internet marketing. Use your knowledge of these things to generate funds for yourself and eventually you will count yourself among those who have achieved home business success with your computer.

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