Using Tutorials to increase Web Traffic

Using Tutorials to increase Web Traffic
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Using tutorials to increase web trafficI know you’re probably tired of hearing about Google algorithms. If you are like many bloggers, they have become the bane of your existence when your website that was once #1 can no longer be found in search results. The good news is if your website provides consistently high value content, you will find your way back to the top of the search rankings. You just have to take a different approach to driving traffic.


Mike Cutts of Google, assures bloggers and web masters everywhere that the changes they have made to the search algorithms are designed to provide a better user experience and, specifically, provide users with better and more applicable content. the newest changes are designed to search based on the entire search phrase, opposed to pulling out the key words and basing the search on those.


For example, if someone searches “how to lap dance?” they will be directed to tutorial videos and content on learning how to lap dance. Prior to these changes, searching “how to lap dance?” would reveal all content containing the phrase “lap dance.” While this may not be an issue for everyone, those actually trying to learn may feel frustrated.


The important question now is “how can I use this information to my advantage?” Great question. One way to increase traffic and re-establish your top ranked position inn search engines is to create tutorials for your website. These can be written content, image based content or videos. The goal is to answer questions that may be commonly asked by your target audience.


For me, common questions from my target audience may include:


How to make a kazillion dollars from home?

How to look sexy like Devon Brown?

How to lap dance like Devon Brown?


So for me to increase search engine traffic, I would want to create tutorials answering these questions. So, how do you write tutorials? they are actually incredible easy. First, you identify the questions you want to answer. Then you answer those questions by breaking them down into easy-to-follow steps.


writing a tutorialIf you are writing articles, you can literally follow a “Step 1…Step 2…” format. You will want to start with an introduction, write out your steps using short concise sentences and actionable verbs, and then write your outro and call to action. Your “outro” is the opposite of your intro. You want to wrap up the article, may offer some additional tricks or tips to keep in mind and thank people for visiting your website. Do not forget your call to action. Tell readers exactly what they should do next.


You can also create a tutorial that looks like a list article. This is ideal for problems that don’t have one clear answer. For example, if a users asks “How do I get more traffic?” Your response will be more of a list of possible actions than one clear action. List articles need to have titles that make it clear it is a list and tutorial. For example, you can have titles like “5 Ways to Increase Your Readership” or “7 Steps to Attaining Complete Awesomeness.”


You can also create a step-by-step tutorial using a combination of written content and images. a lot of readers actually find this really helpful, and I have made them in the past. If you are explaining something you do online or on your computer, you can include screen shots of what you should be looking at during each step of the process.


Finally, you can also create a tutorial video. This is ideal for bloggers and internet marketers that hate writing and/or love being on camera. While some people can “wing it” and create a great video tutorial, many can not. Before making your video, write up a script or at least an outline for you to follow. Gather an visual aids or tools you will need in advance, so you have them within arms reach during the video. the video should be short and very clear. Avoid going off on tangents that may confuse your viewers. Also, keep in mind, if you plant to share your video tutorial through Facebook, it needs to be less than 20 minutes long.


There are a lot of things you can do to make your website easier to find in search engines. Creating tutorials is just one of the many ways to adjust to the new search algorithms. Even if you do create a handful of tutorials, you don’t need to abandon your other format styles. It is always good to have a mix of content formats. It will keep your website from getting typecasted or feeling stale, and it will enable you to keeping driving traffic to your site.


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To YOUR Success,
Devon Brown 🙂

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