Utilizing Social Networking to Make Money With YouTube

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Just as YouTube is the major player in video content on the Internet right now, social networking websites are the major player in generating web traffic and grabbing the attention of people.  As explained in our other articles on making money with YouTube, the name of the game is web traffic.  If most of the web traffic and attention of people lies with social networking, then that’s where you should be too.

What Kind of Videos to Post

Broadly speaking, you’re going to want to showcase your best videos on those networks in which you have the broadest audience.  This, obviously, is going to vary based on your individual social networking status.  However, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Reddit are rather large right now, and they are great places to start.  Ideally, your videos should be clever, funny, or interesting, and if you’re trying to generate traffic to your website, they need to provide some sort of hook to get people heading to your blog or website.  This hook can be just about anything, but it should focus on creating a need for the viewer to visit your blog or website.

Where to Post Videos

As explained above, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and Stumble Upon are all great places to start, and each has its own advantages.  Facebook tends to be about people sharing their days and feelings with each other, and if you can find a way to shoehorn your video content directly into impacting people’s lives, then great.  Twitter has such a broad variety of uses that you can tailor your content to just about any medium to find success there.  Alternatively, Stumble Upon and Reddit are link-sharing websites, so provided that your video is catchy, it should do quite well there.

Above all else, make sure to spread your message far and wide.  Simply put, placing your video up just on Facebook for your Internet marketing strategy won’t do you any good if you have only thirty followers.  Regardless of the fact that new accounts will start off with very few initial viewers, if you are able to consistently generate great content, this number will balloon and take off.  Just like with your blog, getting more people paying attention to you is the secret to making money on YouTube.

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