What Are You Really Selling?

What Are You Really Selling?
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sellingOne of the reasons so many have tried and failed at internet marketing is because they don’t fully understand exactly what they are selling.


Think back to the last seminar or sales presentation you attended. What was the first thing presented? I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t the product.


Most likely, the presentation started with either a third person introducing the presenter and/or the presenter coming out and introducing themselves. You were mostly likely provided with a brief bio about the presenter. This most likely included things like his or her name, years in the business, past successes, times when that person was highlighted in the media, and more.


During the presentation, the presenter might tell you about their family, how they got started in the business, how they found success, or possibly even some of their earlier failures that helped fuel their current success. By the time the presenter introduces the product, you feel like you know that person and you can trust that person.


Some presenters use humor to warm up the crowd, others tell heartwarming stories, and others get the crowd going with their excitement and energy. There are lots of strategies employed connect with a crowd quickly and effectively. Now, when I use the term strategies, this isn’t to be taken as a negative…like presenters are scheming against you trying to gain your trust. The truth is, this is simply good sales. Selling is an art and learning effective selling techniques is part of the business.


What they are really trying to sell are themselves. If they can gain the trust and respect of the people they are presenting to, than they can sell whatever they want. They are not limited to one product.


Think back to a sales presentation that really pulled you in and motivated you to buy product. What did the presenter do that convinced you the product was worth buying. What was it about that person that made you trust him or her?


When you set up your website, social media, webinars, ebooks, etc., you need to be selling yourself first and foremost. Take a look at my website. As soon as you log on, you see my face, my name, a glowing testimonial about me, and a video of me talking. I want my web visitors to get to know me as quickly as possible.


If you are only selling the product, you are putting all your eggs in that one basket. If the product is successful, you’ll have success only until the product maintains its momentum. I’ve sold several products that were my own and dozens upon dozens of products as an affiliate. I can sell such a wide array of products because my readers and the people on my list know me and they trust me.


I work to maintain that trust by backing solid products. I never try to sell them the online version of snake oil. I don’t lie to them or make unrealistic promises trying to set them up for failure.


I provide them with information-rich content for free through my web articles, videos, social media, etc. I do my best to help them succeed. I want my readers to succeed. I have worked to establish myself as an authority within internet marketing.


I am also as authentic as I can be. The way I speak and act in my videos is exactly how I speak and act in person and with my friends. I’m not putting on a show for anyone. I want my viewers to know that is me.


So, if you are struggling to make sales, take a minute to see if you are really selling what you need to be selling. Does your website and social media present you as an authority or is it focused solely on the products you are selling? Have you let your readers see you for who you are?


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To YOUR Success,
Devon Brown 🙂


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