What The Direct Sales/Direct Marketing Industry Is REALLY Selling You

What The Direct Sales/Direct Marketing Industry Is REALLY  Selling You
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We’ve all seen it…

The infomercial on TV that promises that you’ll get a super-sexy body in just 60 days.

Or the website that promised that we can make $20,000 per month if we just “plug-into” this super awesome program.

Those 2 instances I just mentioned are examples of direct sales/direct marketing.

And in this industry, what you’re being “SOLD” is the end result you’re looking for. (AKA the money
in your bank account or the 6-pack abs).

But what you’re being sold and what you’re buying are 2 different things.

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So you see…

I’m not bashing the direct sales/direct marketing industries.

Heck, I’ve been involved in the industry since 2001 and I LOVE IT!

But what I am doing is explaining to you what took me YEARS to understand…

That what you’re being sold is the end result… but what you’re BUYING is a PROCESS to
get you there.

Just remember – you’re NEVER buying the end result you’re looking for… that’s just what
you’re being sold.

As always…

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To YOUR Success,
Devon Brown 🙂


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