What’s Your Business Model?

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Hey Everyone

Today, I’ve got a relatively short (yet ULTRA-INFORMATIVE) video that you really need to take the time to watch.

This video actually talks about a topic matter that many of you have never even considered…And that topic matter is:


I usually talk about business models in passing because I kind of assume that you know what I mean. But, Suzanne (my assistant) brought up a great point the other day when she said to me:

“Devon, I don’t think that people know what you mean when you say ‘Business Model'”

So Today, I’ve decided to REALLY take the time to explain what I mean when I say business model. And I’m also going to take you BEHIND THE SCENES and share with you the #1 business model I use to rake in MASSIVE profits

This business model actually allowed me to create a 5-figure business in just 9 days! Not that I’m guaranteeing that you’ll do the same thing (because that’s 100% up to you)…but truth be told, you could take my favorite business model and actually blow my numbers completely out of the water!!

Anyways: I hope you enjoy today’s video 🙂

And as always:

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About Devon Brown

From over $40,000 in debt (and bankrupt at age 23, to now doing over $1-Milion in sales per year, Devon Brown (creator of RenegadeSuccess.com) enjoys teaching internet home business entrepreneurs the short-cuts he wishes he knew about when he first started. For free video advice that makes learning internet marketing FUN & SIMPLE, be sure to follow Devon on Facebook

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  1. Fantastic information, as always. Thanks, man! …and enjoy your trip!

  2. I am going to try the easy sale video. Thank you Devon

  3. I really enjoyed your business model presentation. Very clever!

  4. Awesome Devon, i’m getting it!

  5. Hey Devon this video is Amazing. Beginners in online marketing really can benefit tremendously from watching this. I am going to embed this video in my website. Thanks again.

  6. 2:53 pm on January 29, 2010

    Brilliant informative video! Well presented with charm!

    It’s brilliant Suzanne is behind the camera asking questions.

    Devon and Suzanne … great business models! Keeping it real!

  7. Yea Devon S and M rocks the spot man 🙂 and I am just going to implement my exit pop great advice I seen it but did’t realized I can also use it 🙂 and the other stuff about your built model is so clear and straight told indeed!I enjoyed your teachings again 😉

  8. Devon this was an awesome video. You get mad respect bruh from me. You definitely moved the free line. Now my goal is to determine how to incorporate this plan into action for my niche.
    You removed the blinders for me. Now I see how I’m lured into the sales funnel by many of the “make money online” gurus. I plan to watch this a few times to really get it.

  9. Devon,
    Excellent question, What’s Your Business Model? When I worked in the corporate world, I had a boss who would always say what get written down gets measured. If you are not following some model or plan how will you know if you are accomplishing the goals to be successful in your business endeavor?

    It’s always a good thing to have a plan and to work that plan. I liked the fact that you placed some emphasis on knowing where your customers, or traffic, is coming from.

    I still have not done my first webinar. I like the way you laid it out and the fact that it can be a simulated event.

    The Lazy Jamaican

  10. 3:26 am on January 30, 2010

    Devon, I’ve only been following you since the fist of the year(so far excellent content,thank-you for that) Now I keep hearing this voice behind the cam (i.e.Suzanne) could you show us what she looks like so we can put a face to the voice? there’s a old saying “behind every successful man there’s a woman) in my case I’ve had 3, grandmother-mother-wife “I am successful” and Blessed

  11. 7:10 am on January 30, 2010


    You are one of the sweetest people out there. Thank you for sharing your Business Model. Many gurus aren’t sharing this information, but you did and I really appreciate it.

    Billie Jean

  12. Devon,
    Great video. Very informative.

    I am new to this business so understanding what you mean by business model is going to make me look at my online business in a much more systematic and intelligent way.



  13. Devon my man,

    What can I say?

    I’ve only just discovered you and your content is great to watch and listen to, and above all, jam-packed full of usefull information.

    I’ve got you bookmarked 🙂



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