A REAL LIFE Example Of Why People Fail In Home/Internet Business Opportunities

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Hey Everyone!


Given the sheer amount of feedback/comments that you guys left on my last blog post about people not making any money when they join home business opportunities (CLICK HERE if you didn’t get to see it) I thought it would be a neat Idea to take the lesson I was trying to teach out of the “ABSTRACT” and bring it into the “ACTUAL”.

Below the video is an email from someone who is a member of one of my programs, along with the response that I gave him.

Now, I do NOT bring up the email he sent me to make this person feel bad (although I have been known to do that a time or two hahaha)…I bring it up because it is a PERFECT example of how SO MANY of you feel with your home businesses; and I GENUINELY thought that there was a “teachable moment” in my conversation with him.


(So That You Guys Know I’m Not Making This Up – HAHA)


Here was the original email “Tim” sent me


Why is it I have spent $200.00 on solo ads. I have 219 subscribers 396 visitors 61 opt in, no sales after 2 months. My sponsor that has about the in numbers except he has sales with about $1,500.00 in his pocket.”

Here was my response to him:


for the same reason that I PERSONALLY spent $300 last week and made no sales but then made 2 sales off of a $100 solo ad a couple of weeks before that

for the same reason that Shane Green Butler made no sales on a big solo ad buy, and then made $870 off of a $44 solo ad buy not too long ago

for the same reason that sometimes my sales staff will talk to 15 people over the course of 3 days and not make a sale…and then some days they’ll make 4 sales in one day.

Because that’s how a real business works

this game is not one of “I drive EXACTLY X number of visitors and get X result”

it’s one of:
I keep swinging the bat and sometimes I get hits and sometimes I don’t.. but I don’t give up…I keep building my list and understand that sometimes I’m gonna get a home run and sometimes I’m gonna strike out… but I keep building my list and swinging the bat and as my list grows the numbers will start getting more and more in my favor.

The reason that you haven’t made sales off of your 400 visitors and your sponsor has is the same reason that there are times that I haven’t made sales while my students have…

..it’s because the person(s) we spoke to on your behalf and tried to sell were NOT ready to buy at that time…and the person(s) we spoke to on behalf of your sponsor WERE ready to buy at that time.

Just like tomorrow, the exact opposite might be true.

We would LOVE to close every lead
We would LOVE to have it that for exactly every 10 applications you’re guaranteed to make one sale
We would LOVE to ALWAYS sell everyone we talk to on the 1st try

But that is not how business works..sometimes, people buy the same day we speak to them, and sometimes they buy 3 months later So we keep generating leads and talking to people…and understand that this is a numbers game.”


So, a few things….

1. Hopefully you now understand the “HUMAN REALITY” of this home business game…and hopefully you can relate to “Tim’s” story. And most of all, I hope this put things into perspective
for you.

2. I’m going to be emailing you guys tomorrow and telling you about some REALLY NEAT SOFTWARE that can actually program your subconscious mind to stay focused and not “give up & start over” even though you’re frustrated…if you want a sneak peak of that software CLICK HERE

3. If you’re interested in being a part of the program that “Tim” is part of (where we close your sales for you)…the CLICK HERE

As Always…

1. PLEASE leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

2. PLEASE pass this on to any other home business entrepreneurs you know (facebook friends, twitter friends, etc) if you think it might help them.

Here’s the link ==> http://RenegadeSuccess.com/why-people-fail-in-home-businesses

To YOUR Success,
Devon Brown

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  1. Hey Devon, Great video! It made perfect sense because that is the way it is! There is always the human factor and It is always the chance that it will not be a home run! But definitely keep going. And really the looking at that situation is it was a victory. He has started building a list he can communicate to now. So it was a victory. They may be tire kickers but it is a start to and an incentive to keep going. You never know and that is the power of the human factor! OK good video, Thank you!

  2. 4:58 pm on March 15, 2013

    Hey Devon: You know that if one person or a few is asking that, then you know almost eveyone is askinng that! There not getting it!! I’ve been in a short while. No money yet. After almost 3 yrs I am finally putting it all together because you leave nothing out! No one has done that for me before. I treat this like a busuness course. I have a small list and can’t wait to send my first broadcast for web copy cat (affiliate)! and the weightloss to. Most people want that home run like you put it instantly. A few are lucky and others are not.
    Alot happen here so I’m still trying to keep up with the subscriptior. People should go back and watch your previous videios and go through your archives.

  3. 4:59 pm on March 15, 2013

    Hello Devon,

    Just like the baseball player strikes out 5 times today,he will start getting some hits per each game that then will bring his average up from -0-. A superior season is a batting average of .400 That means the batter got 40 hits & made 60 outs for each 100 at bats. If he has a bad day, he must come back next game & try to get all the hits he can,
    . Those who get voted in to the Hall Of Fame went to bat expecting to get a hit. I f they made an out, the next at bat had an expectation of a hit. Most Hall of Famers got 31 to34 hits per 100 bats.
    That means they had 66 to 69 outs or walks for that 100 at bats. They never quite until they physically had to retire.

    Internet marketers only retire because the outs exceeding the hits wears them down mentally.
    Become a Hall Of Famer & do not quite until you have reached your goals of ‘success’
    Get that batting average up by building your email list

    Carl stifter

  4. 5:14 pm on March 15, 2013

    hey Devon…I am really pleased that you posted that email and answer. No matter how much we always want to be positive, there comes a time when we see others making money and think “Why not me ?” I know my time will come, but it’s good to have the encouragement to keep trying 🙂

  5. Hi Devon. You never give up until that final whistle blows, and that whistle in this case is death. I played sports for 30 years so i know what i’m talking about. I admire you because you remind me of one of my coaches. I just joined your affiliate program along with the webcopycat site i had you guys build for me.I don’t have an advertising budget for now, but i’m plugging away at every free ad site or social media i can find.Your training videos are awesome,so keep driving the whiners as hard as you can. Thanks for being honest,Curtis.

  6. 5:58 pm on March 15, 2013

    Persistency and consistency is the name in any game, another great job coaching Devon. Momentum, it can be a strange beast Your emails and trainings the past two days keep bringing my experiences with momentum in business to mind. The stationary, the creep forward, the on-a-roll, the snowball, and then the wave and finally the phenominal wave. And none of these happen unless you consistently and persistently take positive action over and over and over…..and over again. You’ve touched on that too I believe, no guff Devon, I truly do think you an awesome trainer-coach-mentor. I for one will always be thankful I decided to join!

  7. 1:18 am on March 16, 2013

    I like the video,,,,Its a lot about me,, But dont you sell the Pie,,,but you dont tell how tart the pie might be,,,before it gets sweet….

  8. 1:31 am on March 16, 2013

    Thanks for the encouragement, It help me to keep trying and do not give up, I feel that way sometimes, (many times) but I want to keep learning and I want to stay in the game until I make it. I am hopping my time will come.
    Great video and thanks for you support.

  9. Hi Devon,

    Superb video, the last one gave some great advise to put people straight about what to expect from an IM business and this one really put everything into perspective by laying out the figures which is something that everyone new to it all seems to put great store in but given the “Human” factor really just equates to a bunch of pretty numbers.

    When it comes to most “Biz Ops” sales copy, the figures they include are always for the “Home Run” results, but none will include the average or even worst case figures (obviously because they would end up selling less or even none at all)

    The problem is the prospect thinks that those figures quoted are the average (usually because that’s what’s implied) so they purchase and become disillusioned with everything when their own results fall short.

    Obviously that’s why most people give-up on it because they are led to expect the home run each time and when that doesn’t happen they think it’s because they either can’t do it or that the procedure is flawed because the did follow everything to the letter,

    The creator of the biz op saying “You just need to give it time, carry on with the program and the results will come” then looks to the participant like the creator is just trying to get more money out of them by keeping them in that program (which they then assume was likely to have been a con all along)

    But if like Devon the biz op creator had been up-front from the start then the participant would know exactly what to expect and would then follow though with that program to be able to realize those anticipated successes.

    So I think this video is a must see to “All” Internet marketers, definitely the people just starting out, but more importantly the biz op creators because it would show them that they can have better results overall if they were up-front from the start.


  10. Hello Devon,

    I agree with you 110%.

    I have always taught my children that everything in life is a matter of attitude towards everything we do.

    I am a member of ESE for a few months now and I have 3 or 4 small sales. I know it is me and only me it depends. I only invested the money that my budget allows, but on a regular basis, and that’s okay like that because it is a long term business. So it is not the fault of anyone other than me.

    But I now have more than 400 people in my list that I can make different offers and make money with. I won’t give up!

    P.S. Sorry if my English is not quite correct because this is not my first language. But I’m working on that too! Thank you google translate! 😉 🙂

  11. 2:00 am on March 17, 2013

    Thanks Devon for keeping it honest. I”m new at this plus i move at a slower pace because i work fulltime. Bought my first Solo list recently with no financial results yet but i realize that being consistent at buying list is the name of the game. Thanks for your video’s and your honesty.

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