HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: WPLapDance For “Regular Websites”!

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Hey Everyone,

Today I’ve got some GREAT news!

As you know, I’m coming out with my new software on August 2nd (this upcoming Tuesday).

The purpose of this new software is to allow you to make a simple little 5-Minute website Tweak, and INSTANTLY increase your conversion rates!

But then we thought to ourselves….

What if there was a way to integrate this new software with WP Lapdance (so that you guys could see even MORE AWESOMER RESULTS!)


We made the necessary changes so that WP LapDance Could

  1. Work with our new software
  2. Work with “regular” html website so that you weren’t just limited to using it as a WordPress Plugin!

And the best part is that if you’ve already purchased WP LapDance, we’re giving you the newest version FOR FREE!!

So, check out this short video and then follow the instructions below!


1. CLICK HERE if you already have a WP LapDance account, and you want to log in to check out the new Lap Dance For “Regular” Websites.
2. CLICK HERE to purchase WP LapDance (Includes WordPress Version & “Regular Sites” Version.
3. If you haven’t yet seen the videos about what’s going on on
August 2nd…
CLICK HERE To watch the “Announcement Video”
CLICK HERE To Watch “Increasing Profits (Part 1)
CLICK HERE To Watch “Increasing Profits (Part 2)
REMEMBER: Watch For A Special Email Coming From Me On Tuesday, August 2nd at 12 Noon EST Announcing the Launch Of Our New Product!!

To YOUR Success 🙂
Devon Brown

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  1. Hi Devon,

    Thanks for the new version, and for supplying it at no cost to all of us WP Lapdance purchasers, very few marketers would do that so it is most appreciated.

    Should now make a huge difference on all of my sites rather than just the ones I have that are WordPress based, so I can now stop trying to figure out how to covert all the others to WP 🙂

    Looking forward to your new release on Tuesday and knowing how good WP Lapdance is, I’m sure that this new software is going to be outstanding.


  2. 9:54 am on July 31, 2011

    Hi Devon

    🙂 I like that word “awesomer” – ha ha!

    ps: I was probably one of your earliest buyers of LapDance … so, will be looking forward to your new versions

  3. 10:50 am on July 31, 2011

    Boy your something else…lol’ but thats ok it all fun in life

  4. 12:28 pm on July 31, 2011

    Way to go Devon !
    Finally a change to the better and the upgrade to a regular html site is exactly what is required for those of us who choose a website creation system other than WordPress.


    I am old school and can code HTML pages with my eyes closed! Do not know much about blogs cause I started out years ago using HTML before the big blog craze!… Am just thrilled I now get to use this Very KOOL Tool on all of my sites and for FREE! WE Like FREE!

    Thanks so much, Devon!… You ROCK!…:)

  6. Thanks for the new WP Lapdance version. I use it on several websites and hope to use the new version on more sites.

    It’s great to have an HTML version, too.

    Great value! Thanks again.

  7. Your support is 1st rate, your largesse knows no bounds, and I eagerly await to use your upgrade Many thanks

  8. Hi Devon,

    I got the first lapdance a while back and at a really great price.

    It amazes me that you are giving current members the upgrade for free.


    Other successful guru marketers can take a lesson from you.

    Will the new additions have new affilaite banners to promote the newer version WPlapdance with?

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