Writing 101: How to be a Better Writer

Writing 101: How to be a Better Writer
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how to be a good writerWe, as humans, are a race of communication and interaction. We talk, speak, read, write, text, e-mail, and tweet about how goof that girl at the gym looked. Some of us choose to take writing to a professional level by writing blogs, articles and having an internet business that requires our full attention. Writing is a practice, and there are always ways to become a better writer.  However, writing also does not come naturally to everyone; myself included.


Coming up are 12 tips to help you improve your overall writing and your ability to communicate with your readers.


1. When you’re sitting down to write, make sure you are actually writing. Disconnect your internet if you really can’t leave Farmville alone for an hour or two. In the event you don’t know what to write, free write or use a tape recorder to record every single random thought you have that crosses your mind. This is an effective way for finding content to write about.


2. This next tip plays off the previous point. If you struggle to find anything to talk about, maybe you’re in a bad subject or niche. Maybe you need to find something you can talk plenty about. If you can’t think of any new subject to explore, it’s quite fortunate that you have all of those pages of free writing or minutes of audio recording.


3. It is physically impossible to be a good (or even a decent) writer unless you read a lot. Nonfiction or fiction, it doesn’t matter. You may favor newspapers over books or blogs over magazines. What matters is that you are exposing yourself and your writing conscience to a variety of writing styles and manners. Figure out what works and what doesn’t. Use other writers’ experiments to how to be a better writerexpand your own skill set.


4. When I’m writing I listen to different music than I do when I’m working out or chilling. The phrase “you are what you eat” can be reapplied to this by saying “You think what you listen to.” You may decide you can think clearer when listening to instrumental music opposed to vocal. Listening to faster music tends to make you work faster, which is why high-energy music is played in gyms.  Likewise, you may decide you work better in silence.


5. Believe it or not, you’re still human even if you’re an online writer. You have a tone and voice even when there is no sound to hear.  Be yourself when you write, and you’ll keep your tone and voice in your writing. Your audience will keep coming back if you do. You may have noticed already, but I never try to tone myself down when sharing a message.


6. While we are talking about your audience, do your research. Know your audience and what your audience wants to hear about. And know your topic as much as you can. When writing in a specific niche, you should have other websites in that niche in your bookmarks menu. Keep them as part of your research.


7. While tone and voice are critical to retaining interest, the way you communicate your content is just as (if not more) critical. Write with confidence and authority. If you don’t, your credibility drops and so does your conversion rate. Keep your content trim and clear. Long sentences don’t work in your favor. You look wordy and like you’re compensating for something. Also trim out the unnecessary paragraphs and sentences that don’t add to your article.


8. Writing is an art, and like any art, it takes creativity. Creativity is both a gift and a talent you can develop through practice and experimentation. If you have a cool idea, try it. The worst you can do is find something that doesn’t work. It’s worth the risk if you find something that works though. Interest, conversion rates, and followers will all increase if you’re a dynamic and developing writer.


9. Writing is a practice just like creativity. You will never achieve perfection. Your knowledge and talent will constantly grow and develop. Never stop reading, writing, creating, practicing, and learning. Learning is critical. When you don’t expect perfection, your stress drops and your quality actually increases.


10. Writing in your notebook and writing online are two different things. You have more tools online. You have pictures, videos, music, and other multimedia that can strengthen your content and add interest to your articles. Experiment and see what works well. You could even ask your audience and see what they think.


11. This tip involves editing. And I don’t mean take a red ink pen and write in every comma missing. The editing I’m referring to targets awkward and confusing phrases. After spending so much time looking at your words on the screen, they look amazing and you see no errors. Step 2: read it out loud. Your ears will find mistakes your eyes were blind to. Give it a try and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


12. finally, don’t forget about your search engine optimization. Research what keywords trigger what niches. Fine tune your article to maximize your SEO potential. Google, Yahoo, and other search engines is where you can snag browsers.


I hope you find these tips helpful. I know a lot of people working online have voiced to me a frustration with the writing process and a interest in becoming a better writer.

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To YOUR success,


Devon Brown 🙂

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