7 Steps to Writing a Great Ebook

7 Steps to Writing a Great Ebook
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writing an ebookWhile a great deal of money can be made selling affiliate products, writing an ebook is a great way to make money, promote your website and build a reputation. However, there is a catch. If you are going to sell an ebook, it needs to be good…I mean really good. The people, who purchase your ebook need to feel they got a ton of valuable information AND the information was well worth the price they paid for the book. You want people to feel it was such a great value that they tell their friends to go buy your ebook too.

Aside from personally selling your ebooks, you can sell them through affiliates. This increases your sales, while also increasing traffic, and helping other people make their work from home dreams a reality.

You can also decide to give away your ebook for free as a prize for joining your email list. Even if you are giving it away for free, you want it to be well written and full of great information, so readers see the amazing value you are offering. This will help you build a good reputation and steady following.


Distinguishing an Ebook from a Blog Post

The difference between an ebook and a blog post is essentially length and topic coverage. For example, let’s say you are writing about making money as an affiliate marketer. A blog post on this topic may cover one aspect of affiliate marketing, such as how to search click bank for the best products. An ebook on the topic would go farther than that. It would cover how to choose products, how to create a website, drive traffic to your website, build an email list, write sales copy, and more.

Spend more time on graphs than you would with a blog post. It will add visual value to your ebook. Instead of just copying and pasting writing an ebookgraphs, create annotated graphs.

It’s okay to share information that you have previously shared on your website as long as it is relevant to the topic of the ebook. However, you want to bulk the information up…make it more detailed and valuable to the reader.

You can also create an ebook out of a compilation of blog posts and articles you’ve written. For example, let’s say over the last couple years, you’ve written dozens of articles on monetizing your website. You can pull together all those articles, organize the information in an easy-to-understand way, and add to the overall content by including stories, antidotes, images and graphs. This can be the basis of a great ebook.


Writing Your Ebook

Although some people are capable of simply sitting down at their computer and writing a masterpiece, most people (myself included) are not. Most people need to do a bit of brainstorming first. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you write your ebook.


1. Choose a topic. The first thing you want to do is decide exactly what your ebook is going to be about. If you are planning to sell your ebook, you should plan for it to be at least 25-30 pages long. It can be longer than that, but you don’t want it to be much shorter. Once again, you need to create value.


2. Write the title. Once you have a topic chosen, you want to create a title for your ebook. Although this may seem backwards, writing the title before the content will help you focus your thoughts and keep them focused through the rest of the writing process.


3. Create an outline of chapters. Similarly to the title, an outline of chapters will help you keep your writing focused. It will also help you to organize your thoughts. As you create content, you will know where in the ebook to put it based on your chapter outline.


4. Write the content. Following your chapter outline, start writing. Don’t worry about perfection, images, graphs or anything else at this point. Just work on putting your thoughts on paper. Write the entire ebook from beginning to end.


5. Take the night off. Once you have the first draft completely written, take the night off. Walking away from a large project for a night will allow you to clear your mind a little. Clearing your mind will help you as you start the editing process.


6. Edit Your Ebook. Start on page one and read through what you wrote. During the this part of the process, you want to add content, proofread, make changes, etc. Have someone you trust read through the ebook looking for mistakes, areas that need more explanation or areas that need to be pared down a bit. Although lots of content is a positive, you don’t want to sound long-winded.


7. Format Your Ebook to Look Awesome. Once you are done with the editing process, you want to format the ebook so it looks great. Add images and graphs where applicable. Make sure the page breaks are where they are suppose to be. Add headers and footers. Add extra white space if the pages look too cluttered.


Overall Tips for Writing a Great Ebook

Always include an introduction in your ebook. You want to explain what the reader is going to get out of reading the ebook; ease them into the content. If you are new to the scene, you want to introduce yourself. Tell readers why you are qualified to write such an ebook.

You also want to let your personality shine through. Don’t feel like you need to be boring to sound professional. No one likes to read boring…no matter how smart or experienced you are. You can make jokes, tell stories and make it personal.

Make the chapters short and use headings to separate topics and ideas. Breaking content into smaller sections will create more white space, make the ebook visually more appealing and make it easier to read.

A great way to engage the reader is by including assignments within your ebook. At the end of each chapter, include a call to action. Give your reader an actionable task that will create results. This will greatly increase the value of your content by making your reader feel motivated and accomplished.

Along with your call to action, include a bulleted list highlighting the important points from each chapter. This will provide readers with a study guide of sorts to go back to.

Writing an ebook is an overall great way to promote yourself. Just remember writing is a process. You can’t expect to write a perfect ebook in one evening.


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