Setting Yourself Up For Success In 2012

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Hey Everyone,

I was just looking at my calendar and realizing how close we are to the beginning of the new year.

So I just thought I should take a second and ask you whether or not you’ve set your goals yet
for 2012?



Hopefully you found today’s video helpful 🙂

Feel free to leave a comment below and let everyone know what you thought (and or what your goals are).

To YOUR Success,
Devon Brown

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  1. 7:29 pm on December 12, 2011

    Great idea for a video Devon.
    You described my information overload problem to perfection, too many subscriptions to different marketers, I’ll definitely be using that tip with the new email address and only subscribing to a select few like you said (including you of course).
    I’ll be writing a lot of stuff down too before the new year begin’s to make sure i don’t fall behind on what i need to do.

  2. Hey Devon,
    Thanks for that.

    That’s true you have everything written out in order to really have a clear vision of your goals.

    I’ll do that right away!!!:)

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