YouTube Gangsta Method – Get 100 Visitors for $0.30 Cents a Day

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YouTube Gangsta Formula

The $10/Month ($0.30 per day) YouTube Marketing Formula That Gets Me And Extra 20 – 100 Visitors To My Website EVERYDAY!!

***Note, please watch the video below for a fully detailed explanation of my Youtube formula. Also, note that I’m trying to upload a “clearer” video so you can better see the minute details***

STEP 1: Choose a specific niche market. Example: Self-Improvement

STEP 2: Create a YouTube account/channel and make sure you fill out EVERY part of your channel has to do with keywords related to your niche
– Keyword In Name Of Channel ; Example: (“Self Improvement” is in the NAME of my channel
– Keywords in your Video Channel Tags
– Keywords In the title of your videos and in the description of your videos
– When writing about yourself, include keywords: Example…”I’ve been a student of self-improvement and personal development for about 7 years. I enjoy learning from people like Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, and Jim Rohn”

STEP 3: Make a “Welcome Video” (A Video the welcomes people to your channel). Make sure this video automatically plays when people hit your channel, and MAKE SURE it has your keywords in the title/description/tags, and MAKE SURE you have a “Call To Action” Strongly visible in your video.
See Example Here:

STEP 4: Make 5-10 more videos and add them to your channel. This makes your channel look more established and trustworthy. Make sure all of the videos you add are centered around your niche and your keywords (in other words …don’t put stuff about shark hunting on your self-improvement channel). Add the proper keywords to your videos.

Also…(IMPORTANT) Make sure there is a call to action in the description of your video! Here’s what I mean:

***Instead of this description***
self improvement tip teaches how to reach your goals

***Use This Description***
Click Here! === Click Here
Self –Improvement tip teaches how to reach your goals

STEP 5: Go To and buy the software. I recommend doing the monthly fee ($10/Month). This tool will do most of the heavily lifting for you. Once you access it, you’ll notice that it’s kind of like a browser. In other words, you can search the internet and go to different YouTube videos “inside” of tube toolbox….but as opposed to being in a normal browser, you’ll have different options while you’re watching a particular video or viewing someone’s YouTube channel.

STEP 6: While you’re “inside” Tube Toolbox, go to and then search for your MAIN keyword phrase. In the case of today’s example, that would be “Self-Improvement” or maybe “Personal Development”. When you do your search, YouTube will automatically give you the top results (approximately 20)

STEP 7: You’ll want to focus on the top 10 videos. For each of the top 10 videos, do the following steps.
A.) Click on the video to watch it to make sure the content is similar to the niche you’re channel is about

B.) In Tube-Toolbox (on the left hand side of your screen) you’ll see an option that says “GATHER ALL FROM THIS PAGE” …CLICK IT!…If it asks you how many pages, put 1000. What the software is now doing is gathering all of the people who have commented on this video. The idea is that anyone who comments on this video is the “type” of person interested in your niche and the “type” of person who you want watching your videos

C.) Once you’ve finished gathering all of the people who’ve commented, click on the person’s username (above the video) to go the CHANNEL of the person who owns that particular video

D.) While at their channel, look to see whether their channel has a bunch of videos similar to what you just watched (i.e. a bunch of personal development videos)…or…see if their channel just has a bunch of hodge-podge.

Some people will have 1 video on personal development and 19 other random videos on nothing having to do with personal development. Other’s will have a channel FULL of self-improvement/personal development videos ..THAT’S WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR!

If you that the person whose channel you’re looking at has a bunch of videos having to do with your niche, and that they’re NOT hiding their subscribers, then click on “SEE ALL” in the section that displays their subscribers!

E.) On the left hand side of your screen (inside Tube Toolbox) you should see where you can “GATHER ALL USERS FROM THIS PAGE”. Click that button and the software will start to collect all of the people who have subscribed to the channel you’re looking at.

The idea here is that if John subscribes to a channel with a lot of personal development videos, then maybe he’ll subscribe to your channel too!

Congratulations, you’ve now created a “list” of all of the people who commented on a particular video and who have subscribed to a particular channel. Needless to say, this list is VERY targeted (people who are into self improvement) and now it’s we’re going to wan to contact these people and let them know that we exist

STEP 8: Once your list is made, click the “Send Friend Request” button inside tube toolbox and you’ll be sending a friend request to all of the people on your list.

Note: You don’t have to change any of the default settings

STEP 9: Watch the views roll in, see how popular your channel gets, and go buy a steak dinner!!

To Your Success 🙂
Devon Brown

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  1. Devon, Great job as always. Love your no fear attitude in front of the camera and of course the value you give is top notch. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Aloha Devon, great information on Youtube and I will definitely apply this to my youtube channel. I gotta go over this again, lots of good stuff you’re covering here. Glad I came by and thanks for sharing! Lani 🙂

  3. 10:44 pm on February 22, 2013

    Wow, this is too cool! With a few days to get my intro videos on; up and running, I know this will drive traffic! Wish I knew about this a long time ago just for fun, lol…..

    A new subscriber to you DEVON

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