YouTube Sucks (Part 2) – Do You Have A High A.Q.?

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Hey Everyone,

If you check out the video below you’ll notice (once again) that it’s hosted on Viddler as opposed to YouTube.

That’s because (as you probably already know) my YouTube account is suspended for the next few weeks because of something called False Flagging.

Go here to get the full details if you’re not familiar with what I’m talking about:


I’ve decided to take what’s going on with YouTube and turn it into a “Teachable Moment”.

Today I’d like to talk to you about the Idea of having a high Adversity Quotient (A.Q.) and how it affects your business and your life.

Go here to get the full details if you’re not familiar with what I’m talking about:


Did you find that video helpful?

I hope so…

Be sure to apply today’s lesson about raising your adversity quotient to all areas of your life.

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And as always, be sure to leave a comment below and tell me your thoughts.

To YOUR Success 🙂
Devon Brown

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  1. 1:21 pm on May 20, 2011

    Let’s see this kid actually using his method and making money instead of these hyped up sales pages that are no more than a load of junk in my book. Sorry seen too much crap. Let’s see the real deal folks.

  2. 1:39 pm on May 20, 2011

    Hey Devon:

    I had a video removed by Youtube because I promoted a product (my own free ebook) in the annotations. And it was starting to take off in views (11,000 plus) so I will never know if it would have gone viral or not.

    So it’s okay for Google ads to appear inside the Youtube videos but not okay for me to do the same thing. Double standard all the way.

    I don’t know if your problem is similar to what I did – my account is still active.

  3. 2:23 pm on May 20, 2011

    Just a thought, get yourself an external-hard-drive and store all your videos there. I have one and when my computer went kaput, I had everything still backed-up on my external! You can get them with more storage then you would believe.
    PS,,,,,,we keep hearing her voice (you’re camera girl), and we would like to be able to put a face with the voice. “or at least I would”
    Thanks for all the work you do and for sharing it with us!

  4. Great rebound Dude! Keep on truckin. You’re much to big for this kind of problem . . . sort of like me and TRAFFIC!

  5. Hi Devon,
    I am sorry to hear that you are band from You Tube at the moment.

    You have contributed so much to this industry and I believe very strongly that you deserve a quick and very prompt attention from You Tube to get you up and running again.

    Like Brian Tracy said “you should apply at always the Thousand Percent Formula which is to treat everyone you come in contact with like a Million Bucks especially your customers.

    I believe that the people at You Tube should apply this formula and treat everyone like a million bucks especially you Devon who is so honest and straight forward with everything you do.

    Everyone of your videos are very inspiring and uplifting especially for some of us who are still trying to figure out this internet marketing thing.

  6. Hi Devon,

    Another good video with a very important message for us, when things go wrong always have a plan “B” (or look for one immediately if you don’t have one already worked out) as you say, getting frustrated and upset about a problem when it arises can be counter-productive as it’ll delay you from putting things right again,

    Having said that, I do think your actions over the past week were important in (hopefully) bringing to their attention YouTube’s failings in dealing with their genuine contributors after receiving bogus complaints, although as your account is still frozen, looks like they weren’t listening (now there’s a surprise)

    I do hope you suggest to them about re-tasking their “Make you jump though hoops for no reason – just for the fun of it” department over to “Customer complaints investigations”, not that it would have made any impact because it seems your “Read between the lines” gesture is exactly their response when dealing with their customers.

    Fortunately, due the vastness of the Internet, no one company, no matter how big they are will ever be the only game in town, your fleet-footed move over to Viddler shows us that.

    For the blog readers I’ll say that I find it’s best never to totally rely on online services (especially the free ones) for your income, sure use them for as long as they are returning you a profit but always consider them to be only temporary and keep one eye out for alternatives to add to your plan “B”

    Ron has also made a very good point, Always back-up everything on external media, be it to an external hard drive, re-writable CDs or DVDs, flash-drives, whatever you can lay your hands on with the budget you have to play with, hopefully you’ll never need it but should the worst ever happen you’ll still have everything and can load it back onto alternatives relatively quickly.

    That’s my ten cents worth


  7. 1:38 pm on May 21, 2011

    Hey Devon
    Since i posted a complaint to You Tube about False Flagging, they haven’t responded. (No surprise there though) Their main contact address didn’t even work, i got an automatic reply from them, redirecting me to send it somewhere else.
    Today’s lesson was inspiring. As a struggling entrepreneur who just launched his first product online, i am a very impatient person and this lesson was good for me to remind me that i need to be more patient and re-access things to move forward. I’m glad you’re still posting videos and i’m looking forward to the next one.

  8. 4:13 pm on May 21, 2011

    Hey Devon,

    Thanks for what I consider one of the best uplifting responses to adversity I’ve seen. I think this is one of those “blast” issues for me that’s been making me hesitate in my own business efforts.

    The fact that you gave a name and voice to it “Adversity Quotient”. Woke me up, and definitely gave me something to focus on, that I knew (was) a problem.

    I’m sure many people probably think that is a trivial concept. To a certain extent I did too.

    But, a big barrier for taking calculated risks in life and business is avoiding adversity. For me at least It did (and still does) cause a lot anxiety, and a lot of frustration. Having dealt with A LOT of adversity, (personal and Professional), and asking “why me… why do I have to deal with this”. Left me thinking I exceeded my “Adversity Endurance”. At least when it piles on.

    It’s easy to avoid doing anything that would bring adversity. Resulting in becoming handicapped in living life to the fullest and growing or even starting a business. It’s even easier to forget “$hit happens”

    But, as you said (paraphrasing) … a bigger business brings with it bigger problems (or issues). But, it also brings bigger income and bigger sense of achievement. As well as bigger self esteem when you overcome adversity.

    The reasonable path is to not only prepare to deal with adverse issues but, create back up plans to quickly deal with them. At least the ones you know about. I look (somewhat) forward to, handling adversity now that I kinda realize this is one of those things you can’t avoid.

    Thanks for the man,


  9. Hi Tera and Devon. I hope both of you are well.

    Thanks for this video Devon.

    I did not know about this whole A.Q thing so this was great. You learn something new everyday as they say, or whatever the damn saying is lol but you get my drift! 😛

    I will definitely keep this in mind for when certain situations in my control arise.

    Thanks again and all the best. I hope this whole Youtube BS gets sorted out for you as well brother.

    Kind regards
    Saqib Khan

  10. 6:23 am on May 24, 2011

    Hey Devon
    Great video to rebound with. I have always been very skeptical about most internet products,and you tube is one of the top of my list and I was on it. I’ve never heard enough good to over ride the bad that’s my scale. Sorry that happened to you, but it will not stop you from getting bigger.
    Oh! by the way how big are you?



  11. 11:11 am on May 28, 2011

    Youtube sucks I avoid it and have been every since they love advertisement

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